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Aaron's Adventures in London #3 is the final installment in my London series. The video consists of four scenes, two starring yours truly and two with only me popping in for brief fluffing appearances. Call me crass, but I just can't keep my hands of these boys! I had a little bit of extra room at the end of the tape so I included some bonus footage for your enjoyment. Bonus scenes include a funny chat with a London boy about "Brittishisms" and a brief clip of what goes on during a break in a video filming session.

Aaron and Craig

Craig and I have been friends on the Internet since... well, it's been a while! We talked about him dropping by Amsterdam last year when I filmed there, but that never came to pass. So when he heard that I was going to be in London, young Craig made a point of coming to see me. I'm very glad he did!

Meeting him was a lot of fun. The two of us hit it off quite well and had an instant attraction for each other. That attraction is evident in the scene as the two of us started going at it. I was a bit surprised to find that Craig was a top (I never asked before since I'm versatile and am happy both ways). I pegged him as one of those thin-boyish-twink bottoms that I like so much. Well, I was wrong. He threw my legs back and gave it to me to my satisfaction.

David, BJ, and Christian

Following nearly a week of filming I was becoming sexually tired. I have the bad habit of not sitting out when I bring over boys to play with each other. I just can't resist joining in the fun! Well, this time I held myself out, and instead brought in a ringer (David) who you have previously met in Aaron's Adventures in London 2 and Aaron's London Boy Orgy. As I expected, David does not disappoint.

During the course of this three-way David, Christian, and Christian's real-life lover BJ go at it quite nicely. David is a top, BJ is a versatile bottom, and Christian is 50/50 versatile. So the three get themselves in quite a few combinations that I'm sure will titillate and arouse. I have to confess, I took quite a liking to BJ so I snuck in for a few minutes and fluffed him while David fucked his lover.

Aaron and BJ

As I mentioned above, I was rather taken with young BJ. So I invited him back to do a 1-on-1 scene with me. Always ready for some action he accepted without a second thought.

The scene between us went, well, awesome! It has a fair amount of oral but is definitely a great fuck scene. I give it to BJ in about ten different positions and really pound him good. He's an awesome bottom and knows how to push back as I give it to him hard.

BJ was so focused on being getting fucked during the scene that he didn\'t cum at the end. Never fear, I brought him back the next day to bring him to a wonderfully orgasmic climax. I edited this smoothly into the scene so that it would be unnoticeable, except that I realized later the bedspread on the bed had changed. Oops! So much for perfect continuity, eh? Still, it\'s an awesome scene and the bedspread doesn't remotely detract from how much of a turn-on he is.

David and Leo

Those among you who actually remember all my musings and adventures will recall that I have a number of unreleased scenes filmed in conjunction with ShowGuys.com, a website specializing in live sex shows. Well, my trip ended with me being one scene short to finish this tip. Fortunately for me, superhung David (from scene one, above) was due to be in New York a few days later. So I brought in a popular model that I haven't filmed in a while - Leo! You may remember him from Aaron's European Friend. Needless to say, the two hit it off quite nicely and put on a great show for both Showguys' and my cameras.

So let's see - Leo is a bottom, David is a top. Guess what happened? The two played with each other for a while before David whipped his piece of meat out and placed it directly into Leo's backside. After getting used to its size (not an easy task for even a dedicated bottom) Leo went for a wild ride on it. He didn't last very long before cumming though. Leo loves getting fucked and it really makes him cum hard. The scene ends with David beating off and dumping his load all over Leo.

And thus Aaron's Adventures in London ends with a scene in New York. Funny, eh?
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