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Raging Stallion - Centurion Muscle V (2008)

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DescriptionRaging Stallion - Centurion Muscle V - Maximus (J.D. Slater & Jake Deckard - 2008)

2008, 148 min

Country:  US

Studio:  Raging Stallion Studios

Cast:  Tober Brandt, Brock Hatcher, Hank Dutch, Peter Axel, Vin Costes, Rocky Torrez, Charlie Fabravo, Nick Angelo, Nick Ceazar

Director:  J.D. Slater, Jake Deckard

Producer:  Kent Taylor, Scott Tanner, J.D. Slater

Executive Producer:  Chris Ward

Composer:  J.D. Slater

Photographer:  Geof Teague, Kent Taylor

Videographer:  Jake Deckard

From the press notes, courtesy of Raging Stallion:

"The number one, major muscle movie company on the planet, J.D. Slater's Centurion Pictures XXX, in association with Raging Stallion Studios are very excited to announce the latest release in the best selling Centurion Muscle series, Maximus. This collection of horse-hung, oversexed, mega-muscled man meat not only hits the erotic heights of its illustrious predecessors, it power humps and pumps up the action, setting a whole new standard in muscle head porn. J.D. Slater, along with co-director and Videographer Jake Deckard, takes the viewer on a trip that transports them to a grungy nirvana of steamy and seemly delights where big dicked, muscle bears rut and grunt their way to pig fuck heaven. This is a sleazy, over the fuckin' top account of what happened when they gathered together the nine biggest and horniest gym rats they could find worldwide, then let them run amuck in a haze of testosterone-enhanced balls-out anarchy. These are buffed, massive, hairy, tattooed cock masters that pound each other like world peace depended on it. This video captures the raw animal energy of their amazing, real-time, unscripted whore-hound sexcapades... and they are even better than you could have possibly imagined. No one else in the adult industry serves up the juicy big meat with as much spice and sizzle as Slater/Centurion/Raging Stallion. So grab the lube and your dick and get ready for the Maximus juggernaut of prime beef that is going to barrel off your screen and into your wet dreams forever.

So it begins... no set up, no dialogue, no clothes ('cept boots and jocks), no crap in the way of the hoochie, just a couple of huge mutha-fuckin' bad asses with a deep hunger for trouble and the equipment to make it happen. Centurion's 2008 "Bigger than Life" award winner, Tober Brandt, is set to start the mayhem with equally pumped and generously endowed hairy hunk Peter Axel. It all starts innocently enough with the men showing each other their big ol' schlongs, but as always seems to happen in CM productions they quickly turn feral and regress back to primal drives. Brandt starts by expertly deep throating Axel, who repays the favor by 69ing in kind then fucking him snotless. Like horned-up gorillas, they set the salacious tone for the rest of the crazed sex monkeys to follow.

This leads us to scene two and again we find Tober but this time he has hooked up with the mammoth Dutch wonder Brock Hatcher. Together these two look like a pair of stud Clydesdales.... absolute monuments to pumping iron n' sin. These mountains of ripped furry flesh begin to explore each other with their mouths, consuming every inch they can. Verbally they are reduced to a series of grunts and growls as they revert to their inner beasts. Brock then throws Brandt on his back and starts to ride his fat throbbing dick like a well-worn saddle. Tober kicks into serious top mode and nails the bejesus out of the hottie from Holland in as many positions as gravity will allow. When finally both men explode in a shower of jizz you will be left as breathless as they.

A three-way seemed appropriate for scene three and here is a memorable one. Hatcher returns and now is accompanied by his real life lover, Euro super hunk and cover-man Hank Dutch, and just for contrast the super smooth fireplug bad boy Vin Costes. This is where the gravity starts to shift in the film as all three hard and horned men begin to orbit then intersect each other in a series of constantly varying configurations. They become one huge undulating mass of whore moans and you cross over to that place where they all become interchangeable parts of the same energy fusion of red hot sex.

Scene four opens on the incredibly handsome Mr. Dutch and new cohort: humpy, Latin, beefy bulldog Rocky Torrez. This is a pair of tramps to be reckoned with... they start with what could be considered Olympic-class spit swapping that builds to swapping blow jobs where Rocky shows you just how to treat an uncut dick. They end up swapping fucks in a roller coaster flip-flop session that threatens to fly right off the tracks and through the screen to you. When the cumshots fly they are thick and creamy but please resist the temptation to lick the screen.

How do you finish a movie named Maximus? If you're Slater you squeeze as much muscle and fur as you can fit on the screen then stand the fuck back and let them go wild. Tober Brandt, Nick Angelo, Nick Ceazer, Charlie Fabravo, and Peter Axel are the five-way for scene five and what a bunch of deviant, hard dicked, stud busters they are. This is a hyper-sensual free for all... everybody does everything to everyone. There are no tops or bottoms, no inhibitions, and no regrets as the cast careens in and out of each others' holes. This is no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners, hyper-masculine, multi-orgasmic, donkey-dicked, ultra-sex. Surrender to the power of the Maximus men as they spiral toward their epic orgasms... C'mon, you know you want to!"
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