Backstage DVD

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Sasha Byazrov, Erik Flower, David Havien, Ricky Martinez, Mario Perez, Giorgio Salieri, David Scott, Matthias Vannelli, Max Veneziano

Director Giorgio Salieri is shooting a X-rated adaptation of Verdi's "Traviata", at once staging and exorcizing his own longing for star Sasha Byazrov. Day one: Cuban Mario Perez, Polish David Havien and Norwegian David Scott successfully complete their threeway. The set is fraught with tension and jealousy.

Day two: it's the "toast" scene from act I. Bodybuilders Max Veneziano and Eric Flower sit at the table, in between Sasha and Ettore Tosi (Alfredo, in a non-sexual cameo).

A few roles haven't been cast yet and Giorgio reluctantly interviews newcomer Ricky Martinez (from Mexico City). Ricky is clumsy and Giorgio, still obsessing about Sasha and ridden by memories of their early days, pays little attention. Electrician Matthias Vannelli takes the audition in his own hands.

Day three: Sasha and Ettore are ready for their love-making scene. As Giorgio indulges in his own fantasies, the sound stage is transformed into Giorgio's reverie, Ettore into the director. All too soon filming is over and Giorgio awakes to the real world.

BACKSTAGE was filmed in Sicily in November 2003.
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