Randy Blue - Max Cruz Solo

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DescriptionI love going on ski trips. I'd like to say I'm an avid skier but the truth is I love getting dressed up in a sexy ski outfit, gearing up to hit the slopes, and then going right to the lodge to pick up hot guys. And I find that many of them have done the same thing I have and had never actually seen the top of a ski slope. So there I was having a great conversation with the most adorable ski instructor I've ever seen through the rising steam of a cup of hot cocoa. His name was Max Cruz and he was so cute and so easy to talk to that I soon found myself telling him all about the site and how I've never actually been on a pair of skis. We had really hit it off and he was very open and honest with me. We really hit it off, but more in a friendly way. I got the feeling that any chance of getting into his ski pants was out, but he was so nice he offered me a free lesson. I told him I would take a chance on the slopes if he would consider modeling for me. He gave me a bashful smile and said he would think about it. After I got back to LA I hadn't heard from Max for almost a year and figured it was a lost cause. Then, just a few weeks ago he gave me a call and said he would do it. I don't know if he actually came in because I piqued his interest or because hearing me scream like a little girl all the way down my first hill gave him a case of the guilts. At any rate, the moment he stripped off his clothes in my studio I didn't even regret the sprained ankle. Getting a chance to see his sexy body, covered with a light dusting of hair in all the right places, I knew it was all worth it. He's very athletic and loves anything to do with the outdoors. I get the feeling he's not happy unless he's running, jumping, gliding down a mountain or paddling up a stream. And all of that has given him the most incredible body. Muscles tight from vigorous use and skin a beautiful light tan from spending time in out in the sun. He did such a great job in his first solo, working his cock and letting his fingers lightly brush up against his thick bush. He closes his eyes lets his mind drift in fantasy as his hands massage his balls he works towards release. And wait until you see the sheer force of his mind blowing orgasm, where he shoots his spunk high into the air.

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