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Titan - Exhibition (2003)

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DescriptionTitan - Exhibition (2003)

For many decades, people have debated whether or not pornography could be seen as art. Well for this reviewer, there's nothing more artistic than the shot of a guy's wide-open hairy hole being repeatedly prodded by a thick piece of man-meat. The folks at Titan agree, and have brought us a hot movie showcasing "man as living art." This scorcher, cleverly titled Exhibition, is divided into appropriately artistic segments, but roll over Jackson Pollock, 'cuz there's gonna be a lotta oil splattered on these canvases!

The first segment, titled "The Artist in His Studio" has artist Cortez practicing his "brushstroke" with muscled stud Cougar. Cortez shows his varied talents by dropping to his knees and taking big sloppy licks on Cougar's fat wang, then taking his low hanging balls into his mouth as well. This extended scene continues with Cougar ferociously lapping Cortez' perfect hairy crack from a few different angles before Cougar gets Cortez' love pole up his firm behind. This scene contains no less than 6 (!) milky gushers.

The next segment is titled "At the Gallery" and has Scott and Stone visiting a gallery that’s showing Cortez’ work. We'll come back to those two überhunks later, but as they browse, the camera zooms in on one colorful painting. The portrait "comes to life" in the form of an S/M scene between Latino punisher Leon and naughty British blonde Brady.

This scene takes place in an old warehouse with both men in jockstraps and kneepads (for better fetish leverage?). Brady stands tied up with tape over his eyes as Leon taunts his nipples and at-attention rod with what looks like a big jai alai racket. I'm not sure I get it, but it's hot, nonetheless. He then slurps on Brady's pink throbber before Brady, tongue appropriately pierced, returns the favor on Leon's thick brown tool that spurts almost directly into Brady's mouth! Brady gets propped up in a metal chair where his exposed ass glistens like the Chrysler building as it is repeatedly fingered, licked and prodded. Then Brady, still in his now very greasy jockstrap, grabs onto a chain and takes a seat on Leon's firm prick for a bumpy and smoldering ride.

The next is another artwork-comes-to-life scene, this time with playful hottie O' Hara and Titan exclusive muscleboy Knight. In a Steven Underhill-esque portrait of gay domestic life, the two wash their dog and do yard work, then horse around with the hose outside. But the action quickly moves indoors to the kitchen where things get cooking, if ya know what I mean. The main course on this menu is nice fresh Knight-cock, which O'Hara ravenously devours. For dessert? Butthole soufflé as Knight places O'Hara on the kitchen nook table, spreads his cheeks and takes a lickin'. Hot-as-hell are O'Hara's moans and whimpers as he gets rimmed, opened up with a couple of fingers, an ice cube (which he humorously shoots back out) and finally Knight's effective Knightstick. They both shoot thick creamy loads, one of which drenches the camera lens. Nice shot!

Now back to Scott and Stone. Turns out all this art on the walls gets these two studs so hot that they just have to go at it in the gallery. These guys ooze sexual magnetism just by kissing, but thank goodness they do more than that. Scott sucks the hell out of Stone's manly tool, then gets on his knees to worship Scott's member in the way it was meant to be worshiped. Lots of slobber is exchanged as Stone pays oral homage to Scott's fleshcicle, then it's a melding of hair and sweat when the guys do a very artistic '69 atop some soon-to-be-ruined leather gallery furniture. Scott licks and fingers Stone's fuzzy bootie before thrusting his rod in doggie style, concluding with joyous jism blasts.

Cast:  Dred Scott, Chris Brady, Patrick Knight, Alex Leon, Josh O'Hara, Gil Cortez, Trent Cougar, Ray Stone

Director:  Brian Mills, Harold Creg

Country:  US

Length: 3 hr 30 min

Year: 2003

Studio :  TitanMen
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