Chad Harley

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DescriptionChad Harley

Muscle Candy

You like them young? You like them hung? You like them big? You like pretty faces? You like the perfect symmetry? And you want a real hot performance, too? All that at once? We might have some candy for you ... PowerMen proudly presents the newest Dynamite Studios Discovery CHAD HARLEY. Enjoy!
more muscle candy ...

Some young men just have it all. After Chad Harley's first appearance on only a few months ago, he turned out to be an instant star. His clips belong to some of the most watched videos online and his new-found fans did not hesitate to ask for more. Now you can enjoy more of this amazing male fitness model, bodybuilder, and muscle stripper. Here he is: Chad Harley!
Breaking And Entering

Tiger beat musclepup Chad Harley is on the prowl again. Seems he has a new variation on the classic home invasion scenario - he doesn't take anything, but he sure does leave something behind! Pretty boy Chad, a favorite here at, has shared his special brand of muscle candy with his fans twice before, and in his newest scene he's just a little bit bigger, a little bit harder, a little more ripped, and twice as horny. Celebrate the new year with the lickable physique of the excruciatingly hunky young Chad Harley! Woof!
Three Cheers For Chad's pretty muscleboy Chad Harley makes his mark in his premiere appearance on The Tiger Beat boy of bodybuilders, Chad's a delicious combination of heat, youth, and teen-idol good looks. Who wouldn't want to play with the smooth-skinned, nicely muscled eye-candy Chad? If you're not yet initiated to Chad's charms, then we suggest you rectify this posthaste. You can thank us later - after you've cleaned up.

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