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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2007-11-13 |

Hot hunks in white-and-crimson baseball uniforms!

Studio: All Worlds
Director: Doug Jeffries
Run Time: 191 Minutes
Cast: Jeremy Hall, Cameron Marshall, Blair Mason, Brodie Newport, Christian Owen, Guy Parker, Dallas Reeves, Blake Riley, Derek Rivero, Lex Sabre, Tyler Saint, Jesse Santana, Josh Vaughn, TJ Young

The sexual high-jinxes begin with Assistant Coach Jeremy Hall, staring intently at a photo of his All-Star baseball team. His thoughts fixated on beautiful, yet venerable blond hottie Josh Vaughn who he has a secret desire to “have” - even though he’s five-years older than him. Josh, who has been getting harassed by the school bullies, is comforted by his mom (played by Sharon Kane) and hesitantly goes off to school.


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From the press notes, courtesy of Channel 1 Releasing:
"The sex-crazed ballplayers from Little Big League and 2nd Inning: Little Big League II are back and ready to take another one for the team in Doug Jeffries' steamy sex comedy Bottom of the 9th: Little Big League III.

The sexual high-jinx begin with Assistant Coach Jeremy Hall, staring intently at a photo of his All-Star baseball team. His thoughts fixate on beautiful yet venerable blond hottie Josh Vaughn, who he has a secret desire to "have" - even though he's five-years older than him. Josh, who has been getting harassed by the school bullies, is comforted by his mom (played by Sharon Kane) and hesitantly goes off to school.

As he walks down the school stairway, he is pushed and shoved by the group of thugs. His school books end up scattered on the floor and when he bends over to pick them up his eyes briefly lock with one of his tormentors, Cameron Marshall, and sparks fly between them.

After talking with his buddies, Christian Owen and Blake Riley, about his bully problem Josh goes off to class and his friends head to the boys room to take care of business. Once alone, Christian and Blake decide to let off some steam and start going at it in front of a bathroom stall.

Coach Jeremy, in search of his beautiful Josh, accidentally opens the bathroom door and is pleasantly surprised to see two of his star players stark naked and going down on each other. As Christian drops to his knees to worship Blake's throbbing dick, Coach Jeremy decides it's time to take his own cock out and starts jerking off. Blake, who ends up taking a wild ride on Christian's hard cock, releases a huge load of cum all over Christian's hairless chest. Christian, who can barely control himself, returns the favor and blasts a creamy mess of man juice all over Blake's studly body. Coach Jeremy, who's about to cum himself, suddenly realizes he's late for a meeting with the Head Coach, so he puts his aching cock back in his sweats and leaves.

During his meeting with Head Coach Tyler Saint, Jeremy and he discuss the lack of great ball players left on the team. Coach Tyler's solution is to convince the school bullies, in his detention class, to join the team - which they reluctantly do. Meanwhile, the still-obsessed Coach Jeremy returns home to stroke his massive cock, feverishly, while staring at a photo of Josh. He strokes his thick cock until he shoots a load.

Several hours later, a desperate Coach Jeremy telephones Coach Tyler to admit his secret obsession with one of their ball players. However, before he can tell him which player it is, Tyler tells him that he already knows about the peephole he's placed in the boy's locker room. In a panic, Jeremy tries to blame the new school janitor, Brodie Newport, for making the hole, but Tyler doesn't buy it. He tells him to get a grip and hangs up.

Out on the playing field, Cameron and Josh nearly come to blows before Coach Tyler steps in and stops them. As the new team members attempt to hit, catch and run, during their first day of practice, it becomes apparent to Coach Tyler that these detention draftees totally suck.

A bit later, Brodie, the school janitor is in his workroom drinking and stroking his thick dick. Coach Tyler comes in and tells him that the new team isn't working out the way he'd hoped and that he's in need of his usual "fix." Tyler tosses him a fifty-dollar bill and begins to suck on Brodie's fat cock. As he sucks his sex slave's dick and balls Tyler strips them both down and begins to stroke his own huge cock. Tyler then fucks Brodie's face furiously. Brodie is later instructed to eat Tyler's tight manhole � which he does enthusiastically. Tyler gets so worked up by this that he rams his cock deep in Brodie's ass. After some good ass pounding Tyler stretches Brodie's hole with a monstrous dildo. Eventually they both erupt and shoot their creamy loads all over the dirty workroom floor.

Later that day, Coach Tyler is visited by a concerned Josh - who questions him about his putting Cameron and the school bullies on the team. Tyler explains the desperate situation they are in and assures him that it'll all work out in the end. What Josh doesn't know is that the Coach has a secret deal with Cameron and his gang, which is if their playing improves he'll look the other way when the gang finally decides it's time to go down on Josh's ass.

The next day at practice, Cameron and his gang of troublemakers step up to the plate and improve - greatly. As Head Coach Tyler gives the guys a pep talk about their upcoming game Coach Jeremy's mind wanders. While humming the song "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" he rubs a heart-shaped photo of Josh, buried deep in his pocket. His bizarre spell is suddenly broken as Coach Tyler sends the boys off to the showers.

As the players are soaping themselves, Cameron and Josh's eyes lock. As they continue to stare at one another their cocks begin to get hard. Coach Jeremy, who's watching this intently from his man-made peephole, notices their sizzling chemistry and strokes his own dick madly. Josh gets on his knees and begins to suck Cameron's thick rod while their equally horny teammates start doing the same to each other. As the team and the steam rises, the scene quickly turns into a hot oral orgy. Blowing eventually turns to rimming and before long - one by one - they each shoot a load on Josh's face.

Once the last of the team gets off, a sex-crazed Coach Jeremy walks in and asks Josh if he's ready for the "big leagues." Jeremy whips out his huge rod and Josh, along with Cameron's help, begins to suck on it ferociously. Soon all of the players get a shot at showing Assistant Coach Jeremy just how good they can polish off his big, hard bat. An elated Coach Jeremy, who can't wait any longer to fulfill his ultimate fantasy, takes Josh from behind and pounds his ass unmercifully. A nine-person gangbang ensues with each player getting a chance to ram his cock up Josh's eager, tight, pink hole.

The action continues with an amazing threeway with Guy Parker getting fucked by Jesse Santana as Jesse gets rammed by Coach Jeremy. The scene comes to an explosive climax as Coach Jeremy and the rest of the boys cover Jessie Santana's muscular body with loads of hot cum.

Later that afternoon, as Cameron and Josh are walking home holding hands, a still-obsessed Coach Jeremy sadly watches them stroll out of sight. After a few seconds of mourning his loss, he finally throws in the towel and takes out a black pen to cross Josh off the team photo he's carrying. However, his mood quickly changes as he draws a huge heart around his newest obsession - Jesse. With that decision made, he turns and walks back to the playing field, singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" with a new mission in mind."

2007, 189 min
Country:  US
Studio:  All Worlds Video

Cast:  Josh Vaughn, Blair Mason, Blake Riley, Brodie Newport, Cameron Marshall, Christian Owen, Dallas Reeves, Derek Rivero, Guy Parker, Jeremy Hall, Jesse Santana, Lex Sabre, T.J. Young, Tyler Saint

Director:  Doug Jeffries
Producer:  Steven Walker
Editor:  C.H.
Non-Sexual:  Jason Sechrest, Sharon Kane
Videographer:  Adam Killian, Brad Austin, C.H.

Resolution : 544x326 (Widescreen)

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