♺ San Diego Boy - Vince Smith & Marcus Rides Part 1

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-11-17 |
What are friends for, if not to fuck? Vince Smith comes in to better the day for Marcus Rides; indeed, things are looking up. In this SDBoy.com video, boys will be boys and lend one another a hand or hole; in this case, it's both. After Marcus' long day, his bud just wants to "assist" his pal. Vince is on Marcus the moment the answer "yes" comes off of Marcus' lips. Apparently Vince knows how to help his buddy out; the two kiss intensely and undress as they lock lips. With their pants down, they jerk one another until they are both hard as a rock. Marcus has Vince on his back and decides to add a little oral pleasure to their escapades. It doesn't take long before Marcus is in Vince and pumping him at a steady pace, these two cannot get enough of each other's lips as they continue to kiss and fuck. When the camera goes below, we see the full thrusts of Marcus' skills; he is balls deep and Vince is moaning from all the "assistance." Marcus grabs Vince's legs and leverages himself deep; Vince jerks then stops, he does not want to cum yet. Both boys are enjoying their "endeavors" as Marcus rhythmically answers Vince's "fuck me" comment. After a bit more kissing and pounding, Vince can't hold back and strokes to orgasm, spraying his load all over himself. Marcus still wants more of his pal�s ass and Vince obliges. Standing up and pounding from behind, Marcus thrusts away; the cameraman alternates shots from above and below to get all the friendly action in, and out.
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