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[BGEast] Fantasymen 31 - Aryx Quinn vs Jace Bradley

CategoryWrestling and Sports
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DescriptionMight vs Mouth

Jace Bradley has garnered a lot of notice since his debut match vs Kieran Dunne. It's not easy to upstage sexy Kieran, but Jace did just that with his thick muscles, definition and handsome face. The letters and emails started flooding into the office the day the action shots from the match were posted on The Arena, and as it always does when a rookie creates such big waves, resentment around the locker room wasn't far behind. Jace himself unintentionally doused gasoline on the fires by commenting, 'What's everyone so pissed about? I've always gotten a lot of attention. It's no big deal.' Once that got around, the other muscle guys were demanding a shot at the sexy newcomer'which, of course, pleased The Boss to no end! He of course tried to sooth the ruffled egos (as only he can) by answering each request for a match with Jace by simply saying, 'Thanks for the interest, but I've got to be careful who I pair him with'afterall, his matches are all going to be bestsellers.' Nice job, Boss!

Aryx Quinn, the mouthy muscle-stud who has long been one of The Boss' lieutenants and a part of the secret cabal known as The Leopard's Lair, has become more and more full of himself, so secure in his position as 'the favorite'. His recent upset loss to Cameron Matthews and it's shocking aftermath - including his attack on the referee - caused his stock in the front office to fall faster than Enron's. Beneath his bluster, Aryx has an arsenal of skill'so it seemed only natural that The Boss give Aryx, the falling favorite, a shot at the sexy newcomer ahead of anyone else. 'This will be a good test for both of them,' The Boss mused, 'we'll see what Jace is made of, and see if Aryx's mouth and attitude have outweigh his actual ability.' And then his trademark sneer-smile spread over his features. 'And the fans will love seeing these two studs fight it out.' He rubbed his hands together with glee. 'This match alone will pay for a new Mercedes!'

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