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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-03-27 |

A MUST for Pavel Novotny Fans!

Some of the most gorgeous men in Gay porn come from the Czech Republic and this DVD has all of them. Do not buy this DVD unless you like your men hot, muscled, buff, beautiful and HUNG!

In response to tons of your letters, e-mail, postcards and pleas, Studio 2000 is delighted to bring back by popular demand those massive, magnificent European stars Ales Hanak and Pavel Novotny for yet another hunkfilled, cum-drenched, sexual spectacular -Prague Rising. Talk about giving you what you want. You said you wanted to see these Czech mates together! You begged to see those huge uncut boners in those big, beefy Euro-butts. You asked for it, you got it! After the extraordinary success of their first Studio 2000 outing, Czech Point, awesome Ales and provocative Pavel are top billed opposite American super-stud Jon Eric, totally yummy Kristian Brooks, cuddly Bobby Parks and gym-built blond Eric Stuart.

How does this combination get together- Seems that amateur psychic researcher, Eric Stuart, has convinced his brother, Jon Eric, and their two friends to spend a night in a creepy, creaky old mansion. As the ancient tale goes, the house is possessed of the undead spirits of two guys (Novotny and Hanak) who were intimates of its owner. Will they rise- This is Studio 2000. You know damned well they?ll rise! And so will lots of other "things" - things that will definitely go bump in the night.

Naturally, there is a question here of who believes and who doesn?t. Jon Eric is the skeptical one; Eric Stuart is the avid believer. Kristian Brooks and Bobby Parks are the lovers with Ouija Board - and each other - in hand. Not long after they?ve retired for the night, everybody gets a visitation of the sensual sort that makes them all converts to spunky sex. Brooks and Parks are going at it - kissing and sucking - when the two Czechs materialize from their hidden crypts, a la Lugosi, in a vapor of smoke and FX magic. The newly arisen and forever horny hunks appear bedside and pay the romping twosome an invisible voyeuristic visit. The undead and lively beauties are turned on by watching Brooks fuck Parks, and are emboldened to search out further erotic escapades.

Hanak and Novotny separate and appear and disappear throughout the manse until Novotny finds himself at Eric Stuart's bedside. Unable to resist the beefy blond's bone, Novotny materializes under the sheets and feasts on Eric's erection. Stuart's no fool. He may not quite know what's happening but he's more than willing to take advantage of this ghost of a chance. Before you can say, "I do not drink... wine," he's doing his damnedest to swallow Novotny's prodigious Prague pecker. What Stuart's mouth can't encompass, his horny hole can take. He sits on Pavel's prick and bounces like a puppet on a string. It is worth noting that Novotny cums like someone who hasn't popped for a thousand years. Talk about undead!

Meanwhile, in another part of the eerie manor, humpy unbeliever Jon Eric is about to see the light. As he turns from his window, he discovers breathtaking beauty Hanak laid out across his bed. But this is no ordinary stiff. Lots of lascivious looks lead to luscious liplocks, and Hanak and Eric are immediately at it, doing voluptuous cock-to-mouth exercises that would wake the dead. This leads to terrific topman Eric climbing aboard the eternal ass of the panting Prague passion pup. The torrid twosome end up in a sizzling sixty-nine before both spurt sensational splashes of spooge all over the place.

Hold on to your dicks 'cause you ain?t seen nothin' yet! After all this spiritual refreshment, Hanak and Novotny re-materialize on their biers, awaken, and find they like what they see in each other. Seldom in the history of hardcore have two such perfect specimens of super-masculinity gotten it in together. The boyish and bodacious Hanak and the dark and dreamy Novotny are ideal comparison/contrasts. Both are tall, handsome, and heroically hung - and both are virally versatile. They kiss, they explore each other's body, they nibble nips, and finally suck one another's cock. To make things even better, Novotny fucks Hanak doggie-style and then Ales yields his butt to Pavel in the classic missionary position atop the crypt. This leads to copious cumshots, the likes of which haven?t been seen in millenniums.

Next morning, the rejuvenated quartet of researchers leave the mansion, only to discover the joyously reanimated Czechs playing frisbee on the lawn. It would seem that sex has once again conquered all!

Studio 2000 always goes the distance to bring you the most beautiful bodies, flawless faces, awesome asses, and delicious dicks. Jon Eric, Kristian Brooks, Eric Stuart, and Bobby Parks - plus a ton of FX - help these Czech bombshells to make this the most succulent sex-action you'll see this year.

From Czech Point to Prague Rising, scrumptious Czech superstars Ales Hanak, Pavel Novotny, arc the real deal. They will trick and treat you to a spirited spectacle that will leave you glued to your DVD Player time and time again.

Starring Czech hunks Ales Hanak (Jirka Kalvoda) and Pavel Novotny (aka Max Orloff, Jan Dvorak), with Jon Eric, Eric Stuart, Bobby Parks & Kristian Brooks.

Directed by Derek Kent.

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