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David vs Milan - two new fighters at Fightplace. One is slim, wiry and
just 17 years of age. The other one is well trained, 21 and a really
hard fighter.
While they were working in the garden they came closer. Too close.
Immediately the garden shed turned into a battle arena! We haven't seen
a fight like this for a long time. They fought in the submission style,
in this case both getting hurt at times, but that didn't stop either of
them. They were used to it. There is no space for cowardice!
To start with, the younger, David, was able to counter the tricks of his
opponent, but the older Milan was soon able to dominate more and more,
which he enjoyed. David wanted him to eat some grass but, Milan got the
better of his younger opponent.
David had just one chance: begging for mercy. Milan pressed his foot
into David's face, such that he was nearly unable to breath.
Fast scenes with real boxing punches alternate with long holds,
schoolboy pins and some crazy head-scissors.
Both of these boys presented excellent material arts and wrestling!
2015-09-22 22:19:35
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