MC - Porter 3

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1. MilitaryClassified - Porter 3.mp4
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Description - Today I'm bringing back a straight boy that we've all come to love here at militaryclassified. PORTER has returned and this is the next step in the seduction of this stud and I've convinced him to cross the line even more as Rob manipulates Porter into not only eating out some brown gay ass but bending it over and fucking it silly in a sleazy garage fuck that Porter handles like a pro!
            Porter is a special case for me because I think he has everything needed to success as a performer but he's A-typical of most models. Although Porter loves to party, he also likes to stay in with friends, play his guitar, and making sure that all of our whales are safe. You wouldn't expect this from a guy who looks like Porter but he's proving time and time again that he's very unpredictable. The mystery continues.
    When Porter arrived to my studios, I was pleasantly surprised as how chipper he was and in the best mood. His visits are more than just shoots because he comes up shoots and then hangs out with me where I'm getting to know this boy and liking the package complete. Physically, he 's perfect but like any model, there is a direct relationship between the money, the work and me but Porter has it down pat.
Today we've moved to the garage where I was set up and ready to go with Porter and the shoot was a long one because we took breaks to drink, smoke, and chill. It literally was an all day experience. Once we got started shooting, I went into work mode and I methodically got on my knees and began my work. I sucked Porter's uncut cock and had him rock hard in no time and as Porter watched the porn on my iPad, I was already thinking about how I was going to mount this stud.
    Before Porter went AWOL on my straight attitude, I was bouncing on Porter's straight cock and driving him resistance to the ground, breaking him down little by little. Watch as Porter treats me like a whore in church and fucks my ass in all sorts of wonderful positions that made this one of my 10 best shoots!!

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