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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-12-09 |

100% BAREBACK! When Alex Stevens goes on a coach trip accompanied by twelve hot and horny euroboys they’re all in for the ride of their lives. A scorching debute from new studio !

It’s cutie Alex Steven’s birthday and while he didn’t get the Hornby train set he was hoping for he does get a birthday cake from Jose Manuel, he of the generous nature and rock hard cock. But wait, tall, slim, smooth Jose has ulterior motives – he’s trying to get into Alex’s pants. Alex doesn’t put up even token resistance and is riding Jose’s edible fat dick before you can say ‘Patisserie Valerie’. Alex takes a fat load in his angelic little face and then lick’s Jose’s dripping dick clean.

Next up insatiable blond Russian boy Luk Andres, slim, smooth and with the hardest prick this side of the Urals.

He lines cute, tanned skater hottie Thom Dyk and boyish Tony Koch up, bends them over, and then proceeds to fuck each one as if he’s liberating Petrograd. Thom ends up covered in everybody’s spunk.

Anyone with school bus fantasies is going to love the next scene where blond, studenty John Flunnery, sporty looking skinhead Robin Lukko and spikey haired Frank Milo show just how much fun you can have at the back of a coach.

Fit, boyish, Frank rides John’s cock then Robin manages to fuck Frank over one of the headrests of a seat while John pump’s his mouth.

We finish with Frank getting spunked on at both ends, and then giving John a facial of his own, and then kissing him, ignoring the fact that’s John’s cheeks are covered in his jizz.

The coach pulls in to some services and dirty blond Rony Clue and cheeky looking Steff Torr nip into the toilets for a comfort break.

I hope the floor was clean because Rony spends a long time on it sucking Steff’s big hard cock, and no doubt exposing himself to an increased risk of contracting housemaids knee later in life.

Steff proceeds to bend Rony over and ram him senseless, Rony cums being fucked, and Steff unloads all over Rony’s arse.

Rampant blond Luk orders a pizza, and when suspiciously attractive pizza boy George Willis, smooth, built, and with an arse you could just eat, turns up Luk realises he doesn’t have any money to pay.

Thankfully George is willing to be paid in cock, and Luk quickly has George on the table, legs in the air, taking inch after inch of rock hard dirt poor Russian dick.

Luk comes in the pizza boy’s face, who eats it all up.

Finally we have a storming three way between unbelievably legal Alex, unbelievably cute Johny and unbelievably still not responding to my offers of marriage Cameron Jackson.

Perfect Cameron - the body of a god, the face of an angel and the cock of horse - fucks Johny while Alex wanks Johny off. This works for Johny who cums in Alex’s face whilst still being pumped by Cam..

Cammy then cums like a bloody fountain on to Johnny back, before Alex climbs on and rides Cam’s nine inch cock like it’s the latest attraction at Disneyland Prague.

Johny shoots on to Cam’s big smooth pecs, then Cam cums again, then Alex fires onto Cam’s chest leaving Cam thoroughly covered.
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