Haunted House on Sex Hill DVD9

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DescriptionHaunted House on Sex Hill DVD9
(Another I did not see a DVD copy posted.)

Cast:  Braeden Casey, Paul Johnson, Cameron Fox, Danny Rhymes, Parker Williams, Anthony Holloway, Andrew Addams, Victor Rios, Jack Sanders, Damon Wolf

Director:  Thor Stephens

Review -- Ghostly thrills - as well as a few unintentional laughs - abound in The Haunted House on Sex Hill, a supernatural sex story featuring hot hunks from both sides of the grave.

Poor Damon Wolf’s Aunt Helen has croaked and left behind Stone Quarry, a haunted mansion built next to a cemetery. Auntie’s will stipulates if Damon and boyfriend Braeden Casey can remain in the haunted house for 24 hours, they’ll inherit the entire estate; otherwise sneaky real estate agent Parker Williams will own the property. With skeptical Braeden in tow, Damon heads off to Stone Quarry and a night of otherwordly debauchery intense enough to wake the dead.

The apparition of Cameron Fox appears first, scruffy, fit as ever and with a big juicy boner blazing strong. He hovers onto sleeping Damon’s butt to grind his bare ass crevasse. A tight-fitting condom suddenly dissolves onto Cameron’s cock and he proceeds to fuck Damon’s arched-back booty sensuously. Damon allows his stretched hole a momentary reprieve when he switches gears to offer throat service to Cameron’s wide shaft. Ghostly Cameron reciprocates briefly, then strokes out a creamy shot of pearly spirit.

Meanwhile and elsewhere in the mansion, duplicitous real estate agent Parker gets it on with smooth boy hunk Anthony Holloway - who’s secretly hiding in the house in order to put an artificial fright into Damon and Braeden. Parker and Anthony give each other a deep-suck sixty-nine head shine, and then hairy daddy Parker plugs the lithe boy’s hole properly - though Anthony is quite an aggressive bottom in his own right, with a pretty young ass that distinctly likes to fuck back. A thick cumshot lures the ghost of Danny Rhymes, who appears stroking a tremendously hard cock - so stiff and ghostly, in fact, that the very sight of it causes fragile Anthony to faint.

Over by the grand staircase, Parker re-summons Danny’s smooth muscular ghost for some spiritual bonding - of the fellating sort. Scruffy-faced Parker expertly slurps up every throbbing inch of Danny’s tool right down to a face-full of fluffy pubes. Danny retorts by wrapping his tonsils around Parker’s thick veiny tool while jostling and tugging his huge nuts. He then piston-fucks Parker’s bubble booty hard and fast on the steps before vanishing back into thin air.

Outside in the cemetery, three more restless spirits awaken and have a ghoulishly delightful threesome. Andrew Addams double sucks Jack Sanders and hot Latino fuck-hunk Victor Rios (both appear wearing golden bling blings, for reasons unexplained). After a three-way cock-eating circle suck, Addams bottoms for both big hunks. For dessert, all three leave a messy puddle of creamy goo on Victor’s finely physiqued body.

The next morning, Damon gives Braeden deep passionate head on the sofa, and as Braeden jerks out a thick gobby wad, the spirit of Cameron Fox reappears, heralding a feel-good resolution that would give even the ghost of Frank Capra an everlasting hard on.

Extra points go to Haunted House on Sex Hill for its cleverly restrained apparition effects, fetching camerawork and for the very notion of having a sordid threesome take place in a graveyard. Howl! And throw in a few more points for dreamy Victor and his luscious apparatus. Points off for the unintended ghost of a boom mike that appears during one of the so-called dramatic interludes, and for the clumsy misspelling of coverboy Casey’s name in the opening and closing credits. Duh!

Emotive dramatics are rarely the strong suit of porn hunks (or most porn directors for that matter), so the general clunkiness of The Haunted House on Sex Hill's "exposition" scenes can be forgiven - especially since there're so many throbbing, glistening cocks and hungry pucker holes spread around here.

-- Beef Stroganoff
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