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DescriptionElder Stewart's innocent face, and excellent cock sucking skills made his rise to the ranks of the higher priesthood, inevitable. But there was a time, before he began his journey into the Order, where the boy was plagued with guilt over his desires for men.

He felt like he could never think about, much less act on all the filthy things he wanted to do to other boys.

When he saw other missionaries walking through the Temple it took every fiber of his being to keep his eyes from following the movement of their asses in their suit pants.

But Elder Stewart is fondly recounting in his journal the day when all that changed.

It was the night of transfers and Stewart sat in his room anxiously awaiting his new mission companion. As he imagined what the boy would look like, his thoughts once again wandered to the dirty things they could do with each other.

His hand began to pull on his swelling cock. He thought he was safe, because the door was closed, but, he was wrong. Without a knock the door was opened shortly after he finished.

In stepped Brother Johnson, the chiseled mission ward who had graced more than a few of Stewart's fantasies. Though Stewart tried to hide his erection, Brother Johnson quickly let him know that he had seen what the boy was up to.

But he also assured the frightened missionary that he wasn't about to send him home because "guys like us, look out for each other."

As Brother Johnson undressed Stewart and began to run his hands up and down the boy's lean body, his mind raced. He didn't know what he meant by guys like us. He didn't know how Brother Johnson could know anything about his attraction to men. The only person he'd confessed his gay leanings towards was his Bishop and how would Brother Johnson know him? But as Johnson's hot mouth found the head of his cock, he realized he didn't care.

Soon enough, Stewart found himself on all fours, Johnson's shaft rubbing the length of his hole.

His desire for the powerful man was tremendous. And Johnson's desire was clearly quite large too. He slid his pulsing member into Stewart's untouched hole inch by inch, until Stewart was completely filled.

Johnson fucked the boy hard, his hands guiding his slender hips until they got into a steady rhythm.

Stewart let out a long, satisfied moan as the head of Johnson's dick hit his prostate. "I didn't know it could be like this."

Johnson smiled and flipped the boy over onto his stomach. He parted Stewart's legs and lifted them onto his muscular shoulders. His blue eyes met Stewarts'. "You ready for me to go deep?"

Stewart nodded and Johnson thrust into the boy. He loved feeling the weight of the Johnson's thighs against his body, forcing his legs even farther over his head.

A thought occurred to him as Johnson moved his dick in and out of the boy's ass. Wouldn't it be wonderful if men and boys did this kind of thing with each other all the time?

Elder Stewart wanted to say something, but it was hard to think about anything other than the tremendous pleasure of being fucked, and the thought quickly vanished when the man pulled out and flipped his small body, with ease, back onto his stomach.

"You like this, boy?"

"Yes, I do," Stewart whispered.

"Good boy. There's a lot more of this in your future," Johnson grunted.

The thought appeared in Stewart's head again – more of what? What was Johnson hinting at? Could his sexual fantasies actually come true?

His pulse began to race and his hole tightened on Johnson's throbbing member. He desperately wanted to milk the cum out of this powerful man and find out what else was in store for him.

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