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smooths crib

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DescriptionBrotha Smooth puttin them porn dollars to good use, got a big ass nice new crib, and to celebrate he invited Breion, his brotha 4 lyfe, ova and called up some random thug bottom he met in a club. They ain't wastin no time breakin in tha furniture n shit. Smooth and Breion taking turns demolishing that fuckin anal cavity and mouth fucking the teeth outta Anthony's jaw and plastering him in that white sticky shit. Gyea. Aight, just gettin a little excited there, but fa sho, them thugs know how to work their pieces.

Buff Latino Caliente bringing tha heat together with his Black brotha Smooth. The two just can't keep their hands off each other or keep their dicks in their pants! Straight to business dicks be gettin sucked and Smooth eats that ass til it can't get no wetter. Caliente takes Smooth's piece like a champ crying out in joy while Smooth rams away. Real nut buster for sure!

Smooda comin home from work all tired n shit only to find that cute bubble butted Tastee in his king sized luxury bed. Needless to say Smooth takes of his pants and fucks Tastee's face with his big fat dick. But that's just warm up of course and after some ass eatin Tastee be ready to take dat dick and Smooth violently fucks him to the ground and busts a nut all over Tastee's face. Gotta love them face nuts fa sho.

Smooth be back at da crib hollain at his brotha Trick for some early afternoon fuck action. He aint got da chance yet to break in his kitchen, so he slams dat big fat thug dick of his right in Trick's face by the fridge. Smooth then eats dat ass with Trick bent over tha granite counter tops, gets dat shit nice and wet so he can bang da fuck outta it. Trick sure is screamin fo his life lovin every second of it!

Smooth just trying to show off his master bed room, but ya kno, put three fine as fuck brothas like this in one room and the dicks start popping out left and right. Mr Saukei starts sucking dicks and plays the bottom for Breion and Smooth. That bed be put through some real work out, but tha real fiya shit happens towards the end when smooth is fucking Saukei and Breion comes up from behind and penetrates Smooth. Wit Breion holding still Smooth is fucking him and Saukei single handedly... Saukei is so turned on at that point that he's bustin a nut, so then Breion fucks Smooth to his nut with Saukei offering his face as a cum target for both Smooth and later Breion. I don't think we had some epic motherfuckin thug action like this ever before, fa real!
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