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Tauro & Mike Dreyden - Is Tauro a good cop or a bad cop?

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DescriptionNOTE: No nudity or sex, but the fantasy, verbal talk, and (especially) Tauro are still really hot

Part 1 -
Tauro's best friends girl was rapped by Officer Dreyden. When Tauro finds out, he takes his revenge out on anti smoking officer Dreyden. He holds him at gun point blowing smoke in his face, then he forces him to smoke. He then cuffs him and humiliates him. The movie starts out with Tauro in jock with gun belt and he tells you that he's not a good guy. We see that side of him after he handcuffs Officer dreyden to his torture wall. After he teaches Officer Dreyden to inhale, he releases him only to have him polish his boots with his tongue while Tauro enjoys a cigar, blowing smoke in Dreydens face the entire time. After awhile he holds Dreygen in an arm lock and feeds him smoke and crushes Dreyden's head against his pecs. Finally Tauro opens his pants and makes officer Dreyden into his bitch while he feeds his mouth. (not seen on camera). We see Tauro's expression as Dreyden is forced to suck him off. Dreyden looks great when he stands up wiping his mouth, you can tell that this redneck straight cop's hatred in his eyes for being forced to suck another man's cock. After that Tauro offers him another smoke. Then he tell him to get the fuck out and be ready for what's coming next week.

Part 2 -
Officer Dreyden comes back for more justice. Tauro cuffs him again, rips off his shirt blows smoke in his face and forces him to smoke his own cigarettes and cigars. Tauro teases him by pulling on his tits calling them man cams. He humiliates Mike by making him play with his pecs. Licking and sucking, Also sharing the same cigarette while doing this. After he is released from the wall, he is forced to go down on Tauro again. (check the photos in enlarge photos, this is a hot scene even if you don't see Tauros cock). Tauro doesn't want to come at this time so he pulls Mike back up and continues to abuse him with cigar smoke and twisting his nipples. All the while his high boot is pressed into Mike's crotch. He then treats Mike as his girl and makes him lean back against his naked chest and shares his smokes with him. The last thing we see is Mike bent over and Tauro dropping his pants. Fade to black.

Part 3 -
This is the final chapter or is it? This is the third time that Officer Mike Dreyden has to show up at Tauro's place for another installment of justice. The scene opens with Mike showing Tauro how well he has cleaned his boots. Tauro makes him sit down and blows smoke in his face and drops his ashes on the boots and tells him him he missed a spot. Its' very warm and both guys take their shirts off, Tauro being the nice guy that he is, lets Mike sit back and rest his body against Tauro's naked chest. But is Tauro nice? He holds Mike against him and forces him to share his cigarette. While roughing up his face with is leather gloves. He keeps calling him a good girl. Once again after they strip down to their undergear, Tauro gets another blowjob from Mike while enjoying a cigar. Tauro isn't ready to cum yet, he wants to fuck Mike's tight ass, and gets up to take a piss, what happens next, I can't give away.
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