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The Zuska Brothers (aka Czech Hunter 177; STX-Joel & Nick Vargas; BA-Aldo & Lino Belucci)

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2015-05-01 BA-Documentary - Private Gym (as Aldo & Lino Belucci with KevinWarhol ClaudeSorel & More).mp4 [425 MB]
A BelAmi Gym Documentary featuring hot models Kevin Warhol, Andrei Karenin, Marcel Gassion, Claude Sorel, Rocco Alfieri, Jean-Daniel, Newcomers Roald Ekberg & Jeff Mirren working out naked. It also features four new BelAmi models Jeroen Mondrian, Maori Mortensen, and brothers Lino Belucci & Aldo Belucci (aka Petr & Romi Zuska from WilliamHiggins).


2015-07-09 STX - NickVargas (aka RomiZuska) Studio Debut Scene - Tops SamWilliams.mp4 [653 MB]
There’s something strangely compelling about watching two potential alpha-males grapple it out for supremacy – a fact that director, John Smith, puts to total use when he pitches together Nick Vargas and Sam Williams for a full-on, fully-greased wrestling bout. Indeed, there’s every good chance that you’ll be struggling with a monster hard-on even before the two fellows have been relieved of their suits! That, of course, will set you up nicely for the hardcore action that promptly ensues; with both guys continuing their strenuous tussle for supremacy, whilst making the most of the opportunity to feast on each other’s cocks! Given his tendency of late to adopt a more passive role, however, it perhaps doesn’t come as too much of a surprise when Williams eventually appears to submit to Vargas’s superior will; with the newcomer fingering his buddy’s ass and sucking on the fellow’s balls. Little wonder that Williams looks like he’s bordering on the narrow edge between excruciating pain and pleasure – a sensation that only intensifies once Vargas has forced the fellow onto all fours and is burying his thick, meaty shaft deep inside him. Indeed, it’s a little difficult to know at times as to whether Williams is enjoying himself or not; though given the clearly achingly hard rod that he maintains throughout and the fact that he ultimately creams like a whale at the end we suspect the experience was an altogether very pleasant one. A sentiment underlined by the manner with which he splurges on Vargas erupting cock-slit in the scene’s final seconds!

This is A Compilation of the Most Recent William Higgins Models: Petr & Romi Zuska!
Now also New Models in Staxus as Joel Vargas & Nick Vargas.....and they've also made an appearance in one of BelAmi's Documentaries as Aldo Belucci & Lino Belucci.
Hopefully that means they will be debuting on BelAmi very soon.....(fingerscrossed) >__<

2014-11-10 PetrZuska Erotic Solo [553 MB]
2014-11-21 RomiZuska Session Stills [209 MB]
2014-11-27 RomiZuska Erotic Solo [660 MB]
2014-12-07 TheZuskaBrothers Petr vs Romi WRESTLING [962 MB]
2014-12-16 RomiZuska ScreenTest First Time with JasonLucius [450 MB]
2014-12-25 TheZuskaBrothers XmasWankParty 2014 Part 1 (ArnyDonan HugoAntonin TomVojak TomasHozman) [561 MB]
2015-12-26 TheZuskaBrothers XmasWankParty 2014 Part 2 (ArnyDonan HugoAntonin TomVojak TomasHozman) [374 MB]
2015-01-16 RomiZuska ST8H-Duty Bound with ViktorBurek [313 MB]
2015-01-24 TheZuskaBrothers - Czech Hunter 177 with IvanMraz & DenisReed [662 MB]
2015-02-01 TheZuskaBrothers SOFT DUOS Brother's Love [705 MB]
2015-02-13 TheZuskaBrothers ST8H-RaunchySex with IvanMraz [507 MB]
2015-02-27 PetrZuska ST8H-AirportSecurity with BorekSokol & IvanMraz [505 MB]
2015-02-28 TheZuskaBrothers FullContact Brothers Shoot Raw [752 MB]
2015-03-04 PetrZuska WankParty 2015 #2 Part1 (KailKopec LacoMeido MatejBorzik & TomVojak) [462 MB]
2015-03-19 PetrZuska WankParty 2015 #2 Part2 (KailKopec LacoMeido MatejBorzik & TomVojak) [331 MB]
2015-04-01 RomiZuska FullContact with JirkaMendez [590 MB]
2015-04-28 PetrZuska ST8H-HotAss with BorekSokol [422 MB]

=============When Three Brothers Come Together=============
2015-04-29 TheZuskaBrothers FullContact Raw 3Way with Eldest Brother RadoZuska [699 MB]
We loved Rado Zuska when he first came to us, and he gave us some really great scenes. Then he did us a very big favor, sending his younger brothers, Petr and Romi,to us too. They too showed us just how good they are and now we have brought all three together for a great scene. It all starts with Petr taking a shower. As he washes himself Rado arrives and joins him. Pete lets the water wash over Rado and then Romi joins them too. All three sexy brothers showering together and they start to soap each others hot bodies. Rado is in the middle and he grabs at Petr's and Romi's cocks. Then he turns around so that Romi can wash his back and his ass. Then it is Romi's turn to be washed by his brothers. As they wash they get playful, with their cocks, having a lot of fun. Shower over we find the three of them laying on the bed and they decide to compare cocks. So they all start wanking and soon get nice and hard. Rado's dick looks so good and Romi suggests that he and Petr should suck it. Romi is quick to take the cock in his mouth sucking it before both he and Petr lick up and down the thick shaft. Then Petr sucks on the stiff cock as Romi licks Rado's balls.With all three guys rock hard Rado lays back so his brothers can suck him, kissing each other as they do so. Then Rado has to return the favor, so he kneels between them and takes turns sucking on each of those hard cocks. He does a great job on those dicks and then lays back with his legs up and ass in the air. That looks so inviting and Romi and Petr take turns in rimming the hot hole. Rado loves that feeling and soon is bending over, offering his ass up for some cock. Petr's throbbing cock soon slips into the eager hole, fucking it nice and deep. Then he makes way for Romi to fuck that hot ass too. Rado takes cock real well and moves onto his back so they can fuck him in missionary position. His ass gets a real good workout from his brothers, with both Romi and Petr taking turns again. Romi lays down on the bed so that Rado can climb on and ride his throbbing cock. Then he holds his ass in place so that Romi can pump his dick up into that hot ass. He fucks hard and fast and dumps his hot load deep in that ass. Rado spreads his ass and releases that cum. Then Petr and Rado kneel over Romi, wanking themselves. Rado soon dumps his cum over Romi's face. Petr keeps up his wanking and is soon rewarded with his own cumshot to end a really great scene, with Romi sucking on spent cock.

2015-05-01 BA-Documentary - Private Gym (as Aldo & Lino Belucci with KevinWarhol ClaudeSorel & More) [425 MB]
2015-05-31 RomiZuska SOFT DUOS with TomVojak (Dildo Play) [619 MB]
2015-06-05 ST8H-DutyBound with PetrZuska & LacoMeido Tormenting AlanCarly [542 MB]
2015-06-18 PetrZuska [BadPuppy] HelpingHand Solo JackOff [566 MB]
2015-06-21 PetrZuska SOFT DUOS with LacoMeido [539 MB]
2015-06-24 PetrZuska STX as JoelVargas Scene Debut with LeoOcean [610 MB]
2015-06-30 STX - JoelVargas Wrestle & Fuck MilanSharp [636 MB]
2015-07-09 STX - NickVargas (aka RomiZuska) Studio Debut Scene - Tops SamWilliams [653 MB]
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