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Badmasterboys 13200-46 Sag Danke! - Say Thankyou - Part 1

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DescriptionJose is in total despair.  The young Portuguese guy has been visiting friends in Germany and plans to go back home by train.  But on the way to the station he loses his mobile.  Because he absolutely has to make a phone call Jose rings the doorbell to a random flat.  He plans to ask the owners of the flat if he can make a quick phone call from their place

Of course David has no inkling that he is asking for help from two focussed, sadistic Masterboys.  At first Black Master Kevin and Master Marco are friendlier than friendly.  They invite the young Portugese guy into their flat and provide him with a mobile so that he can make a call

While Jose is making his call, the two Masterboys make real fun of him.  Because they are really up for tormenting a victim they decide to enslave Jose.  No sooner has he ended his call and said’ thankyou’ nicely than he is overpowered by Black Master Kevin and Master Marco.  Jose’s ‘thank you’ isn’t enough.  They want their victim to drop onto his knees in front of them, lick their shoes and make himself available to be used as the butt of their sadistic attention

David is made to kiss and lick Master Kevin’s tatty Nikes.  Once upon a time they were white but now they are extremely filthy.  ‘I tell you this is one big loser’ says Kevin, grinning at his mate Marco

David lies on the floor, completely helpless.  Unable to offer any resistance, he gives himself up to his tormentors’ kicks and blows.  He knows that he has no chance against the two 19 or 20 year old men.  As Jose is licking the dirt from Master Kevin’s Nikes, Master Marco leaps up and down on the loser’s back

Master Marco’s red Chucks could also do with some cleaning. That means that  Jose’s slave tongue  is called into action.  Blow upon blow forces the Portuguese guy to take up his humiliating work.  ‘Quicker’ demands Master Marco ‘and say thank you’

The young Master spits out his chewing gum.  Jose has to lick it up.  What comes next is that Masters  Marco and Kevin spick thick gob onto the floor.  Jose knows what he has to do.  Nauseated, he licks up the mucus.  Things get especially nasty as the Masterboys cough up  nasty snot from deep down.  They watch, amused, as the loser licks up the mess and swallows it

In the middle of all of this, David is kicked over and over again, slapped and tormented through being trampled.  With a grin on his face, Master Marco sits down on his victim and presseds his head against his mate’s Nikes.  After that , Jose also has to take care of Master Marco’s Chucks.  While the Portuguese guy is dealing  with the shoes, he has to cope at the same time with Master Kevin’s full weight on his back

Then there is a new burst of merciless kicking and slapping.  In the heat of battle the two Masterboys’ Hookah  equipment is knocked over.  The boys are naturally pissed off with this and blame Jose for this misfortune.  The floor is cove red in ash.  The Portuguese guy is made to lick it all up.  ‘Get on with it man, clean it all up!’ is the command from Master Marco, while Master Kevin gets a kick from  gobbing into the ashes.  This produces a nasty mess.  But that’s what the slave wanted,  isn’t it?

Yeah, torturing a victim can be well tiring.  Master Kevin and Master Marco pull off their jackets and their t shirts.  The slave, covered in ash and snot, presents a pitiable picture in contrast to the two masterboys, who look cool  with their bare torsos.

Master Kevin hatches a plan to degrade the loser by turning him into a pony that he can ride on.  The black master sits down on Jose’s back.  They are headed for the sofa where Master Marco is chilling.  Master Kevin stays put on his pony’s back and watches Jose lick Master Marco’s chucks clean.

Master Marco is not particularly happy with the loser’s performance.  For him, his licking doesn’t have enough zest. Master Marco asks for some action on the part of Master Kevin ‘Come on then give him a couple of slaps’ . He doesn’t of course need asking twice and he delivers a couple of juicy slaps to David

Now Master Marco wants to have his turn at riding on the Portuguese guy.  Following on from that the pony has to deal with Master Kevin’s trainers.  Without a second thought  Master Kevin flicks his cigarette ash onto the coffee table.  Why use an ash tray when there’s a slave in the house?  David has to lick the ash from the table along with a huge quantity of gob.

The first part of this cool above cool two parter ends with Master Marco and Master Kevin pissing into a bowl which is lying about on the floor and then gobbing into it.  The contents of this bowl come into their own in the second part.  Slave Jose still has a lot ahead of him!  But watch that for yourself!
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