Take That Black Dick White Boy (720p)

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DescriptionI ain’t gonna lie. I had so much fun filming the ‘Eggplant’ gangbang in FILL 'ER UP, I had no other choice than to do an entire movie with black top men. BIG BLACK DICKS fucking poor little white boy pink holes. I’m in. I got mostly Treasure Island virgin bottoms to shut the fuck up and bend over, with a couple of our regular whore holes thrown in. These top men don’t fuck around. MR. CALI and DEEP DICC have such a great rapport when they fuck together, I wanted to take them out of the gangbang situation and let them do their thing. First separately in 1-on-1’s with BILLY WARREN and ADAM THE LATIN LION, and then BOTH fucking the living bejesus outta HANS BERLIN. TEXAS BULL (oh my God) makes his TIM-debut in not one, but two over the top fucks with TRISTAN CHASE and then ELI LEWIS. If you have ever wondered where Texas got his name, these scenes say it all. CHAMP ROBINSON rams CESAR ALVAREZ within an inch of his life. DAMIEN BROWN breeds ERIC HERRERA in front of the most beautiful NYC skyline at sunset. STEPHEN HARTE takes on a power fucking from BIG REDD and ROMANCE that went on for hours. One of my new favorite tops CASANOVA comes out of retirement and gives his amazing Trinidad dick and “Casanova Sauce” to DAWN LOCKE.  And what would any movie be without a gangbang? With no black dick smaller than 8 inches, I planned ahead and brought in 2 bottoms just in case one of them passed out. Lucky TRISTAN FLIP and ALEX MASON rise to the nigga-challenge and are dicked down by a pack of 6 big black cocks. TAKE THAT BLACK DICK WHITE BOY -- then cum up for air, cos’ this is 2 hours and 6 miNUTes of brutal black dick fucking pink pussy holes.

When I first met CESAR ALVAREZ, I asked him for a list of tops he wanted to get fucked by. At the top of his list was CHAMP ROBINSON. When CHAMP said he was going to be in town, it was a no brainer. CESAR arrived nervous as all hell. Sometimes wanting something isn’t the same thing as actually knowing you are about to get it. I mean, have you seen the size of CHAMP ROBINSON'S cock? I wasn’t worried, I knew CHAMP was going to take one look at that hole and the kid was getting pounded and loaded whether he wanted it or not. And that is exactly what happened. I showed this scene to a fuck buddy and he said, “That kid is a champ” and I had to laugh. Yes, he is and I’m pretty sure he’s been left with a permanent part of CHAMP inside him.

Ya know we don’t do role-play stuff, so I confess I just wanted to see 23-year old TEXAS BULL’s 10-inch bull cock in a pair of scrubs (I also wanted to see that dick in a pair of TIM-GEAR shorts but you are going to have to go over to Bruthaload.com for that!). 21-year old college-kid-next-door TRISTAN CHASE makes his porn debut in epic style. When he said he was up for the challenge of that bull-cock, he wasn’t lying -- and I figured, well -- if he couldn’t take that dick that’ll be too bad so sad for him. But take that dick he does giving some of the best "oh my God make it stop oh my God give me more" face I’ve ever seen. (Except for maybe ELI LEWIS in scene 10.)
Bull riding is a sport that involves a rider getting on a bull and attempting to stay mounted while the animal attempts to buck off the rider. TRISTAN goes bull riding and manages to stay on the BULL’s cock until insemination is accomplished. Ride ‘em cowboy.

ADAM THE LATIN LION is a self-proclaimed bi-curious man who is interested in getting fucked as though it is some abstract personal sexual experiment to check off his bucket list, but I can tell he doesn’t have much experience taking cock up his hole. DEEP DICC ain’t got time for that shit. DEEP doesn’t fuck around. His big muthafucking cock gets hard and he knows how to use it. He lives to fuck. The goal is to get his jizz out and any hole will do. ADAM attempts to take it slow like this is going to be some kind of buddy bonding session and DEEP quickly tosses him down on the bed and shows him what all he is there for.
DEEP shoves his cock in without mercy and fucks the guy like he’s his own personal fuck toy. Pounding away to bust-a-nut. Shut the fuck up and take the cock boy. Not like you really had a choice the moment you walked in the door.

Drop dead handsome platinum blonde white boy BILLY WARREN is back, this time showing off how much he loves big black uncut cock in his hole. MR. CALI has BILLY beg for his dick -- and the more BILLY wants it the more CALI is eager to use his mouth and ass. They don’t even waste time getting to the bedroom before MR. CALI's 10 ½ inches of uncut meat is scouring BILLY's guts. CALI bends BILLY over and dicks him right in the hallway. “Gimme that pink pussy.”
BILLY pleads with the macho top man to take him to the bed and breed him good. Bent over, ass up and hole protruding, CALI pounds BILLY's butt and fills it full of CALI cum.

STEPHEN HARTE knows how to get fucked. This is the culmination of what went down when BIG REDD and ROMANCE power fucked HARTE for close to 2 hours before dropping their loads. I love the interaction between BIG REDD and ROMANCE here -- it’s the perfect coupling of 2 tops tagging a fuck hole and turning it into some kind of competition of who is using that ass better. Hairy butt STEPHEN moans and groans, whimpers and begs until ROMANCE finally tells him to “Shut Up” in a hot sorta way that would only make a bottom want his cock more. Meanwhile, BIG REDD seems to thrive on making the bottom squirm. REDD and ROMANCE just keep at their energizer bunny pounding and fucking and pounding and then fucking some more. It’s relentless. They fucked for so long, I thought they were going to break HARTE's ass.

DAMIEN BROWN and ERIC HERRERA were so in lust to fuck each other in the days leading up to this crazy breeding session, the tension is palpable. They fuck in front of a window overlooking some breathtaking views of Manhattan at sunset. Starting just as the sun is going down and finishing at dusk. DAMIEN is horned up by the handsome sexy ERIC. His cock has a mind of its own and spontaneous orgasms pretty quickly once it gets inside ERIC’s perfect ass. Lucky for all of us, once is not enough for DAMIEN who loves to use his own nut for lube and keeps on thrusting his hard cock in and out until he dumps a second round of jizz.

I loves me some CASANOVA and DAWN LOCKE is the lucky man who gets the “Casanova Sauce”. CASANOVA and DAWN look real good fucking. DAWN takes one look at the bulge in CASANOVA’s pants and the boy is all over that cock. CASANOVA goes right for the hole, anticipating the warm spot his dick is going to get inside of. He loves to rim and get it nice and wet -- having the boy spread his cheeks and present his ass to him all the while begging for his cock. CASANOVA loves watching himself fuck, so at one moment I handed him the camera and let him tape his dick going in and out of the hole. And that’s when the fucking gets serious.
CASANOVA doesn’t just fuck -- when he uses a hole he owns it. “You want that nut?” Yes, CASANOVA. We do.

MR. CALI and DEEP DICC share an amazing chemistry and camaraderie. HANS BERLIN told me he wanted to be gangbanged by a group of black top men and I warned him that CALI and DEEP were gonna be plenty ‘o dick for one bottom. The two top men alternate between his mouth and his ass. HANS gets into a rhythm turning his open hole from one big uncut dick back to the other uncut dick drunk on cock and on the verge of cumming the entire time by the way those dicks are stroking his prostate.
DEEP and CALI love every minute of it -- they know they have a good hole for their big cocks that will take every hard pounding thrust they can fuck into it -- bringing them closer and closer to getting their cum deep inside. “That’s what’s up. That’s a good hole.”  Special thanks to THE COCK BAR, NYC.

I decided to invite as many of the tops as I could get in one place to cum together for one big gangbang breeding session. This turned into one crazy ass balls-to-the-hole fuck fest. I figured all this big black cock might be too much for one bottom, so I brought in TRISTAN FLIP and ALEX MASON to share the pleasure -- mostly in case one of them passed out. Which proved to be a good idea -- CASANOVA, SEDUCTION, SEXIIBOI, BIG REDD, ROMANCE & DAMIEN VASQUEZ -- six big dick horny black top men don’t want to be standing around waiting for the cunt to free up, they want to be fucking. They wanted to get in, use the holes, get their loads out and be on their way. I’m pretty sure TRISTAN and ALEX are still recovering.

From the moment TEXAS BULL tells ELI LEWIS to “just breathe” while shoving that entire mammoth cock down his throat, you know this is going to be a good one. ELI, you in danger boy. You know that thin line between pain and pleasure? Or how about this scene gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Bull in a china shop.” OK we know ELI is not Chinese -- he’s not white either -- but man the boy can take black dick. TEXAS mounts ELI’s hole – and believe me, “Mount” is the appropriate word here. ELI gives the best “I’m getting fucked REALLY fucked” face here (except for maybe TRISTAN CHASE in scene 2). And there is a moment when BULL puts him in a choke hold so he can get his dick in as deep as he possibly can, and I swear I heard ELI’s second sphincter open up. Then the other moment when ELI bites so hard down on his knuckles from the size of the cock in his ass I swore he was going to draw blood.
ELI cries out “help” and he really means it. TEXAS doesn’t stop fucking. He needs to nut and he’s going to keep fucking harder and deeper until he does. ELI. Just breathe.
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