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Antal - Security:

Some boys never grow up. Even though he's 24 now, Antal is still like a horny little boy slobbering over the idea of fucking three girls at once just like the guys in his daddy's porn stash. Although he's an avid viewer of erotic videos his range must be limited because once I suggest he try doing anything other than straightforward fucking in videos he looks very confused. But he still has a lot of time to learn.

When I met Antal at the door I got the idea he felt this whole interview process was a bit unnecessary - like he should just be allowed to walk right in and start screwing girls on camera. I make sure he understands that no one gets to do that without being inspected and tested by me.

Antal's ass has definitely never been examined this closely. From the amount of work it takes to prise his cheeks apart I'm willing to bet no one has ever seen his hole. It took so much work I was beginning to think I'd have to get in there with a crowbar to get a look at it.

I think when I started inching closer to him he got a little freaked out. By the time I was lying right underneath him as he pumped his big erection, he kept the magazine firmly in front of his face pretending none of this was actually happening.

Baru - Student:

Baru comes to this audition with a real professional attitude. He wants to make a career and earn a lot of money. He has a cute face and a tight little hairy body so I was pleased to induct him into this seedy business. I was impressed with his willingness follow my orders throughout, but its his ejaculation test where he really came into his own. He really goes for it and proves how much he loves to cum splattering a healthy load of sperm all over himself, the towel and the floor. He’s on his road to success.

Notice how he keeps looking at the camera. Baru is very aware that he is being judged and I think he worries about who will be watching this in the future. He loosens up and starts to get very revealing about his sexual fantasies. He has a good understanding that this is a business and he has to step up to whatever challenging scene the director casts him in.

He’s highly conscious that he’s being evaluated during this physical exam and that really gives me an advantage. I can do whatever I want making him pose exactly how I want his body and fix his ass how I like it. He’s eager to make a good impression and will definitely obey.

You can see ever wave of pleasure wash over Baru’s face as he pumps his dick. I love a guy who is a slave to his need to cum. Boys like this need to be taken in hand and kept under control.

Hasad - Security / Barman:

There's a certain type of body that Hasad has which I find fantastically sexy. It's slightly hairy, slightly muscular and trim. I think this type of body must be limited to men in their early 20s because I've never seen it on guys who are older. After that they tend to either bulk up a lot of muscle or develop a belly which won't go away. I think all men should be caught at this ripe age so we can watch them and give thanks.

I love that uncertain smile that comes to his face when it gets to the difficult queries about what he will and will not do. You can see him weighing up in his mind how much he wants the job vs how far he's willing to push his personal barriers.

The best part of teaching a straight guy to show his asshole is not making him bend over really far while arching his back and pulling open his ass. It's after I've got him contorted in this unnatural position that he hates with his hole staring me in the face when I can say, "Now smile." Given how Hasad grimaces I think it's the last thing he wanted to do at that moment.

The true mark of a tender young man like Hasad is seeing how easily expressions flash across his face while jerking his nice hard dick for my camera. I'm glad I caught him before he's taught himself how to hold it all in.

Karel - Printer:

Really quiet, masculine guys like Karel really get me. There's something so effortlessly manly about him which is a huge turn on. There's no doubt that he likes having sex with women. But, for the promise of a good wage, he's willing to be a little flexible with his sexuality - or at least let men touch him in a sexual way. It takes a real man to be able to do that.

Karel's quiet manner gave me the feeling he had me pegged. It was like he knew I was just putting him through this audition to fulfil my pervy fantasies and he's just grudgingly going along with it. I didn't care what he thought of me. I just knew what I wanted to see.

I love forcing really masculine men like Karel to smile while they show their assholes off to me. It almost seems like it's harder for them to smile sincerely then to pull their cheeks apart. You can see how he gets more and more pissed off and hates every second of it, but he does as he's told.

He's born to do it. I knew from how easily he got an erection that he'd be able to pull himself off in no time. It felt amazing kneeling beneath this strong silent giant while he shot his load.

Trevor - Student:

Trevor was massively paranoid about having naked pictures of him seen by a gay audience. You better believe it made stripping him down and getting him to bend over to show his big bubble butt for me all the more satisfying. Spread it and say please. Oh yeah!

Mr Slick is real cautious and wants to stay in control. I tell him enough to put his mind at rest, but as our conversation gets more personal you'll see how I'm the one who is really running the show.

Once I get his ass in the air, this cocky stud isn't so sure of himself. That's right, just lay back and let me see what I want.

I think it pissed him off that I kept talking to him while slapping his salami, but I didn't want him to forget who he was there for and who was in charge.

(Trevor's Interview clip ends 1 minute short of the end, but was included in the set because it gives context to his Physical & Wank clips - which are in full)

Torrent contains all three video clips (Interview, Physical, and Wank), in WMV format, from each of the five models in this set, as well as the complete set of photos from each of their actual auditions. 

Videos included in this torrent are as follows:

Antal - Interview.wmv:  27.00 MB
Antal - Physical.wmv:  25.44 MB
Antal - Wank.wmv:  25.35 MB

Baru - Interview.wmv:  17.93 MB
Baru - Physical.wmv:  30.58 MB
Baru - Wank.wmv:  34.06 MB

Hasad - Interview.wmv:  26.05 MB
Hasad - Physical.wmv:  24.71 MB
Hasad - Wank.wmv:  27.52 MB

Karel - Interview.wmv:  24.86 MB
Karel - Physical.wmv:  26.23 MB
Karel - Wank.wmv:  26.64 MB

Trevor - Interview.wmv:  30.14 MB
Trevor - Physical.wmv:  25.89 MB
Trevor - Wank.wmv:  25.32 MB

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