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CM - Carmine & Edison

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Description - Edison was nervous about doing this shoot. He loves getting his dick sucked and his big balls played with. But according to him, he never has had a guy do it. In general, he thought he would be fine.
We took a couple still photos of him with his hard cock out, then he shoves it back into his shorts. Carmine asks him if he is ready, then dives in before Edison loses his hard-on completely.
But first, Carmine went for those big balls! They are fascinatingly huge! I was worried that Edison’s dick would go down with only some ball-worship happening, but he stayed excited enough just having his balls played with.
Carmine peels his shorts off of him to get better access to that amazing package. Carmine is being slow and deliberate, clearly seeing he has Edison by the balls and a cock that is getting ever harder with the gentlest of touches.
And once Carmine wraps his lips around his cock, Edison was hard a rock.
He is smiling or grinning through most of this video.
He actually apologized in advance before the shoot for any grinning he may do. His friends give him a hard time for his ever present Cheshire Cat grin, but he says he is just super happy. It could read to the audience he is not taking the blow job seriously, but based on how hard his cock was, clearly he was enjoying it.
Carmine sucks on his cock for 5-6 minutes and I suggested he grab some lube and attack his cock with some aggressive stroking. I had the advantage of seeing how he jerked-off the day before, and I figured the dude could take some piston-like stroking.
That got him writhing around in ecstasy!
Carmine flips him doggie-style and rims Edison for the first time. He seems a little awkward about it, but his cock and balls get lots of attention, so Carmine is working him perfectly.
After some anal attention, Carmine gets him on his back to try to make him blow.
At this point it becomes a join effort. Carmine works his cock for a while, then Edison strokes his own cock, making Carmine suck on his balls.
They go back and forth working his cock. Finally, Edison hands over his cock at the last second so Carmine could jerk the load out of him.
A very intense orgasm!
For more detail see screenshot. 

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