Fightplace Payback is a bitch please send points (I need)

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DescriptionThe continuation of ‘’He’s a bitch Part 2’’ . This evening has not come to a close as Hardy is leaving the attic and leaving his ‘’Body-Toys’’ behind. Back in the apartment Hardy meets Waldimir, who is asking immediately what hardy has been doing up there. Wladi is confronting Hardy. Hardy suspects the worst, because he knows that only Wladimir is allowed to be in the rote of the master. When Hardy’s ‘’victim’’ Knut is coming down from the attic and starts telling the whole story, Waldi loses no time. He pushes Hardy upstairs and wants to show him, who really is the master. Everyone who knows Waldi knows that he is not nice to his enemy. So Hardy has to endure a lot. 20 Kilograms of difference in weight are giving a brief idea, how much power is in Waldimir and that he is using Hardy like a toy. He throws him around, squeezes his balls and is spanking him. After Waldi is finished with Hardy he graps Moe. Moe deserves a beating, too, because he had his way with Knut. It is time for revenge from Waldimir. He has some fun with the boys and takes it up with both of them at the same time. This shows to be no match for him. The more his enemies are putting on a fight, the more fun he has with them. Waldi is in his element and shows no fears or mercy.. He ties his opponents, gags them, squeezes their balls and lets them feel his feet. As Waldimir is leaving the attic to get something to drink, Hardy and Moe get the idea to convince Knut to unite with them against Waldimir. They hope to get a chance to fight the Fightplace King. After Wladimir's return to the attic the slaughter begins. With intelligent timing, talking and joined forces the three boys manged to pin Wladi to the ground. Are they able to keep him there and force him to give up?

Play length approx 58 min.
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