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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2008-06-09 |
STARRING: Brodie Sinclair and Jesse Santana
Have you ever seen two crazy-hot boys and thought, “I’d like to see that one fuck the living shit out of the other one”? Well you can’t be in the same room with Brodie and Jesse and not imagine Brodie bending Jesse over, grabbing his hair, and grunge fucking him until cum is flying everywhere. If you’ve checked out the model profiles, you know that the night I shot these boys fucking was like a scene out of the film “Eyes Wide Shut.” The night started with Brodie jacking off at my loft before we went out. That left everybody with blue balls and horned up as hell. We headed off to the Abbey, where I met up with Jesse Santana. It didn’t take long before Jesse was part of the gang. Honestly I think we all wanted to fuck him. After the night we had, we would have probably fucked about anything. Jesse’s tight little muscle ass, six pack abs and wicked grin were fuel to the fire. After the Abbey closed we all circled back to my place. I convinced Jesse to pose for some pictures. He stripped down to his underwear and – FUCK – he was just too much to be around. Somebody had to fuck him – it just had to happen. His ass was too hot not to have a cock in it. Brodie was sober, and still super horny from his ‘workout.’ I challenged Jesse to prove he is a ‘cocky boy’ by taking on Brodie. Without missing a beat he walked over to Brodie and started working him into a frenzy. Before I knew it Brodie had Jesse’s legs up in the air pounding his tight little hole. Somehow all was right with the World, and we got to watch one VERY HOT fucking. Check out this scene – especially the part where Brodie pushes Jesse over the end of the bed and nails him. You might just lose your breath.

STARRING: Derrick Vinyard and Kevin Cavalli and Tory Mason
Anyone up for a twink sandwich? This one is really Derrick Vinyard, Kevin Cavalli and Tory Mason fucking around at my loft, that turns into some pretty hot three-way fucking where Tory takes it from Derrick and Kevin. It’s a great chance to see the guys in a more informal setting as the guys really have fun with it while Tory’s ass takes a good workout. The scene opens with the boys stroking each other’s cocks, then moves on to three-way oral. Next Kevin and Derrick decide that Kevin will fuck Tory first, and the hardcore action begins as Kevin and Derrick take turns working Tory’s tight twink hole. If you’re into 3 ways, and just like to see a twink take it, you’ll like this one. Check it.

STARRING: Jonathan Lowe and Orlando Dawson
Orlando got such rave reviews from his first scene that I just had to bring him back. And who better to team him up with that megastar hottie Jonathan Lowe. Originally the boys were going to kick it by the hotel pool, swim some, and kind of get to know each other. Well that lasted all of a minute. The next thing I knew they were on their way up to the room to fuck. They didn’t even make it to the room – they started making out in the stairwell. Orlando pushes J Lowe down and starts face fucking him. Not to be outdone, J Lowe turns the tables and face fucks Orlando, then pushes Orlando over and rims his asshole. After loosening up Orlando’s hole, J Lowe stands up and shoves his cock right up Orlando’s ass. You can hear Orlando gasp as it goes it. J Lowe actually leverages his foot up on the stairwell banister so he can pound Orlando harder. But Orlando has the last laugh as he spins J Lowe around and fucks him! The scene ends with J Lowe riding Orlando’s cock and then they both shoot cum all over Orlando’s chest. Now that’s a ‘stairway to heaven’, or maybe hell! Check it.

STARRING: Jesse Santana and Andrew Blue
There is nothing like a hungry bottom begging for cock. My boy Andrew Blue has a Jesse Santana fetish. Who doesn’t, right? He practically begged me to get Santana to fuck him. We were all kicking it in Vegas so I called Santana aside to see if he was down. Santana is a hot fuck machine, so of course he said yes. He walked in to Andrew’s bathroom while he was showering, and the rest, well…. The scene starts with the boys sucking each other’s cocks in the shower. Then they take it to the bed. Jesse bends Andrew over, pushes his face in to the headboard, and shoves his massive cock up Andrew’s ass. You can hear Andrew gasping for air. Santana shows no mercy and immediately starts pounding Andrew hardcore. Next Andrew rides Santana on the bed. Then Santana flips Andrew over on his back and ponds him again. Andrew blows his load while Santana is fucking him, and then Santana cums right after that. If you like big loads, you will love this. It looks like a bucket of cum running down Andrew’s stomach. It’s very hot. Check it.

STARRING: Jude Collins and Andrew Blue
College hazing – we all fantasized about it in college – a hot jock making us prove we’re worthy, then abusing our mouths and asses with his cock. Even straight guys think about it. It’s certainly one of Andrew Blue’s fantasies. He heard about a college hazing scene where the pledge got paddled then fucked. It was just too hot to pass up. I tapped Jude Collin to make it happen. Jude has the perfect jock bod, a cocky attitude, and huge nine inch cock to finish the deed. This scene opens with Jude pouring hot wax on Andrew’s chest. Then Jude makes Andrew ‘assume the position’ and gives him ten serious swats with a frat paddle. Andrew shows his appreciation by sucking Jude’s dick. Finally Jude forces Andrew to bend over, place his hands on the wall, and take that nine inch cock up his ass hardcore. Andrew blows his load while Jude is fucking him, and Jude blows all over Andrew’s chest. Are you worthy? Check it.

STARRING: Kyle York and MJ Taylor and Orlando Dawson
ORLANDO TAKES TWO (COCKS). You have to love a boy who knows how to make an entrance, and Orlando makes his Cocky Boys debut riding MJ and Kyle at the same time! The boys were all in the pool, and horny as hell. At first I thought this was going to be an afternoon blowjob. But the boys got so worked up it turned into three way sucking, rimming, licking, and then Orlando decides he wants MJ’s cock. MJ fucks Orlando, then Orlando rides Kyle. While he’s riding Kyle Orlando tells MJ to shove his cock in too. Finally Orlando gets up, positions MJ and Kyle, and sits straight down on both of their cocks. Fucking hot! It ends with cum flying all over Orlando’s abs. Later Orlando told me that if he was gonna be on my site, he was going to enter with a splash. And make an entrance he did. I guess you can say MJ and Kyle had a blast ‘in Orlando’ haha. Check it.

STARRING: Brodie Sinclair and RC Ryan
BRODIE GETS FUCKED. My boy Brodie finally takes the plunge and takes a cock up his ass. The anticipation of this scene has already caused a flap on some of the blogs – some people like Brodie, some don’t – but no matter what you think about him, you have to be a tad curious to see this gay porn bad boy finally submit. Brodie wanted another masculine straight guy to do the deed, so I enlisted the help of RC Ryan. If you like straight boys finally getting fucked and loving it – this is probably not the scene for you. This scene is more like a straight boy being punished – finally submitting to a taboo – doing something that he really doesn’t want to do. RC and Brodie are both pro-am fighters, and both ‘gay for pay’, and somewhere in that they found a bond – its like they both knew what had to be done, that Brodie would be in pain, and RC was going to walk him through it. It starts with mutual stroking and caressing, as they find a connection. When the time comes Brodie sits down on RC’s cock and rides him slowly. Next RC bends Brodie over and the more hardcore fucking begins. What happened next while shooting the scene shocked us all – Brodie actually had an orgasm while he was on his stomach (don’t ask me to explain that – Brodie couldn’t explain it either). Unfortunately, I didn’t get a clear shot of it, and I didn’t have enough footage – so the fucking continued. Now if you have ever been fucked and blown your load, you know you usually want it to end. Bottoming after that is torture. But RC lifts up Brodie’s leg – and the fucking continues until they finally blow their loads together side by side. This scene is hot in an “Eyes Wide Shut” sort of way – some will love it, some will hate it, but all will want to watch. – Check it.

STARRING: RC Ryan and Kevin Cavalli
KEVIN GETS FUCKED. My boys and I have a rule. If you’re gonna be a real cockyboy and be in the ‘inner circle’, you have to agree to fuck and get fucked. We just don’t believe in being all top or all bottom. If you’re gonna be one of us – you’re gonna know what its like to have a cock shoved up your ass. It was Kevin’s time. He was so fucking nervous he went on a bit of a bender, and showed up to my place unshaved wearin some dumb ass gold hat. But that wasn’t going to save him – he’s one of us – so it had to be done. RC Ryan got dibs on popping his cherry, so here it is. Kevin’s ‘initiation’ of sorts. RC pushes his cock inside Kevin’s hole, and after just a few seconds takes it up a notch and starts pounding Kevin good. You can hear RC’s balls slapping into Kevin’s ass. There are some points where by boy Kevin is in some serious pain, but he powers through it and pays the price. I guess you can call it the price of being cocky. Check it. – oh, and a couple of folks have hit me up saying Kev already bottomed on a bunch of sites this year. RC fucked Kevin on October 27, 2007 – THIS IS Kevin’s first time getting fucked – I promise…

STARRING: Andrew Blue and Derrick Vinyard
COCK STRAIGHT. It’s always fascinating to me to see “straight” boys bottom. Some hate it, but a surprisingly large number get into it. Andrew Blue actually applied on the web to be in a scene. He’s a straight surfer boy, who at the time was living in the OC. He said he was even willing to bottom. Well Derrick Vinyard likes surfers, and really likes taking a straight boy down a peg or two with his cock. So, of course I had to shoot the scene. Vinyard and I weren’t expecting much –most web submissions suck ass. But when Andrew Blue walked in, he got our attention. We chatted for a bit and then moved on to shoot the scene. I asked Vinyard to go easy – Vinyard has a big dick and can do serious damage to a boy’s ass. Most straight boys just starting couldn’t handle it. Andrew Blue is the exception. When the scene first starts Blue has a hard time taking Vinyard’s cock – but once Vinyard gets in – Blue definitely starts getting into it. Maybe Blue was trying to impress that day, I’m not sure, but I didn’t give a fuck – I wanted to see what he could take so I told Vinyard to go full throttle. This is one crazy scene where this straight surfer boy gets fucked so hard there were times I thought he would pass out. He moaned so loud when I was shooting I had to readjust the audio settings on the camera. When the scene was over – Blue literally had the shakes… Still, he took it like a champ – and will definitely be in more stuff for me. Gotta love those “straight” surfers…

STARRING: Tory Mason and Robert Long
Have you even been fucked by a boy with a really long dick? It’s a little surreal – like the guy is a part of you. But it’s also hot. You can feel his cock doing something inside of you that can’t be natural but feels like nirvana. Now, find a super horny straight boy with a long dick who is full of cum, and you will tap into one of the best parts of being gay. You know he’s going to shove it up your ass, you know he’s going to cum all over you, you know you’ll both be in a different place when it’s over, and you can’t wait to go there. Albert Long takes Tory Mason to just that place. Albert was at a party at my dad’s home in Calabasas. When he came out of the pool everyone noticed his ten inch dick through his board shorts. Tory Mason just couldn’t stand it. Albert had to fuck him and Tory wouldn’t rest until the full shaft of Albert’s cock was up his ass. Tory moved in for the kill. They both slipped off to the hot tub and the next thing I knew water was splashing all over the place as Albert TORE MASON’S TWINK ASS UP. When the steam of the hot tub was too much Albert pushed Tory onto the hillside below the hot tub and fucked him so hard I swear I thought they were going to fall down the hill! The tough part about this scene is deciding who you would rather be, the boy fucking a hot twink ass or the boy getting pounded with a 10 inch dick. Your call…. The great thing is you cum HARD either way.

STARRING: Tony Capucci and Jason White
Haven’t you ever wanted to play a game of strip poker, where the loser gets fucked? Come on we’ve all thought about it. Tony Capucci and Jason White are both poker players, so I thought we should ‘up the stakes’ and see what happens. Jason loses, although to be honest I think he lost on purpose. He wanted Tony’s cock from the beginning. The scene starts with Tony shoving his cock in Jason’s mouth. Then Tony stands Jason up, bends him over, and shoves his cock in Jason’s hole. Tony wants Jason’s ass arched up more, so he makes him bend over a chair and gives it to Jason again. You can see Tony’s cock splitting Jason’s cheeks. Then Jason lays down on his back and the fucking continues until Tony can’t take it anymore and blows his load all over Jason’s stomach. Jason’s cum flows right after. Five card stud, anyone? Check it.

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