Cuffed (2000) Studio 2000 DVD

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DVD (iso) and mp4

director Derek Kent

Ben Damon
Brad King
Dave Nelson
Jeff White
Jens Hammer
Mark Slade
Rob Lance
Tommy Lord

Mark Slade, one of the better chests and cocks in the business today, plays the ultimate cop in this fuckfest from director Derek Kent. Face it, a lot of guys can't pull off the "cop fantasy" thing too well. Well, not only does Mark pulls it off, I almost pulled "mine" off by the time the video was through. He's got the ultimate "beefy football player" body!

1. Rob Lance, Mark Slade

2. Ben Damon, Jens Hammer

3. Jeff White, Brad King, Dave Nelson (contains nightstick penetration)

4. Jeff White, Tommy Lord

5. Tommy Lord, Mark Slade
2021-11-12 13:54:29
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