♺ Class Comics - KEYS #3 by David Cantero

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-07-31 |
ROOM SERVICE! The lads of KEYS are at your door, and they want a big tip! Their latest target is none other than the husband of Madam Chairwoman... one the biggest executives in the business world! She’s renowned for her furious temper, her demanding expectations, and having even bigger hair than Donald Trump.

Gary takes the lead in this mission and goes undercover to deliver the meat and two veg to expecting clients.  Unfortunately his dyslexia interferes and he ends up servicing the wrong room. After providing a free appetizer, Gary finds his proper mark!

Meanwhile Greg has been stuffed into the ventilation shaft and has his camera rolling... As soon as the clothing comes off and the spunk starts flying, he beams the incriminating video right into Madam Chairwoman’s board meeting... which results in a tantrum which could be described as anything but boring!

However the tables are abruptly turned on the KEYS team when the business mogul is more turned on, than off, by the hot display streaming into her office! Going with the flow, the boys provide as much fun as they can, and then turn to each other for more!

Created by the fantastic and imaginative DAVID CANTERO, Class Comics couldn’t be more proud to add the ultra sexy and hilariously raunchy KEYS series to it’s expanded digital universe of titles. Cantero’s men are always sublime – the perfect male specimens – and his writing is witty, fanciful and completely nut-bustingly HAWT!
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