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♺ 3MD/NoCover - BSI: Prague #2  ~bareback

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BSI: Prague - Bareback Sex Investigation Part II
No Cover Productions
Czech Republic 2008 - 91 minutes

Starring: Scene 1 - Tomas & Honza
Scene 2 - Jirka & Milan & Pavol
Scene 3 - Frantisek & Tomas & Dimitri
Scene 4 - Tomas
Scene 5 - Michal & Robbie & Jay

Director: Viktor Store


BSI-2 continues the bareback saga, with police detective Tomas searching Prague for his missing colleague. It’s an uncut cock-fest filled with super-hot and always horny Czech men – featuring five porn-studs from BSI-1 and another five new Euro-twinks to heat up the mix. It’s steamy bareback fucking with splattering cumshots - raw and passionate as these uncut studs unleash their unwrapped shlongs. They crave the sensation of skin on skin with hungry mouths and throbbing dicks in amorous explorations of Euro-stud libidos. From the horny bartender, to an uncooperative doctor, with plenty of Prague log action in between, Tomas leaves no rock-hard cock unturned as he combs the city for his cop buddy.

Scene One:

Young bartender Honza is giving his lone customer last call, and Tomas want to share one more drink. He’s a sexy butch cop in torn jeans and leather jacket who’s looking for a missing colleague and he shows Honza some photos – naked photos. After a few more drinks “take off your clothes and suck my dick!” And he takes out his big gun to make his point. Nude, smooth Honza gets to slurping the thick cock like an expert, his leaking saliva dripping down his face. Tomas strips off and sits on the bar, spreading his legs to give Honza a better angle. Honza strokes his own long uncut dick as he chows down on Tomas’ sausage and Tomas pours some vodka on his cock for a tasty treat. Honza has quite a mouth – this is heavy duty oral. Tomas lights a cigarette and leans back to get some hot asshole tonguing. He likes it – a lot, and leans over the bar to spread his muscular ass-cheeks for some more anal-oral exploration. Honza’s warm mouth finally puts Tomas over the edge as he spurts a creamy load all over Honza’s face, still pushing and pulling his sticky foreskin. And that’s not enough as Honza takes the leaking penis in his mouth and milks every last drop. Tomas finishes the bottle as he watches the bar-boy jerk himself off as gobs of cum drip down his face.

Scene Two:

Boyish, dark-haired assistant Milan and handsome, hunky doctor Jirka are hard at work, literally. Milan announces “the patient is ready” and for some reason he’s naked except for a white t-shirt, his long uncut dick hanging low. Jirka joins him dressed only in a lab coat, his 8 inch hard cock leading the way. Naked patient Pavol lies on an examination table waiting for his treatment, leg holders spreading him wide. Pavol is a young stud with streaked hair and sexy big nipples, and he needs an in-depth anal examination. The doctor sticks his rubber-gloved fingers slowly up Pavol’s asshole as Pavol takes the assistant’s 8 inch uncut sausage in his hungry mouth. Jirka and Pavol both stroke their own cocks as the doc fingers the young man’s quivering hole. Jirka strips naked, takes off his stethoscope, and lubes up his hard pole. “The patient is ready and prepared for penetration” he announces as his sticks his raw pecker in Pavol’s hairy young asshole. Jirka’s big beautiful balls bounce and swing as he pounds his anal patient with his big Prague log. Pavol is still licking and tonguing Milan’s cockhead (in extreme close-up) and the young boys’ lips, ears, and cheeks are red from the engorgement of passionate sex. “Let’s get him a fucking session” Jirka says, as Pavol’s treatment moves into an even hotter phase. The three naked studs switch positions – Pavol rims Milan’s hairy round ass and hole – Jirka lubes Milan’s hole – and Pavol fucks Milan’s heaving boy-butt. Jirka gets some of his assistant, too, as he shoves in his hard cock and Milan swallows Pavol’s tool. Jirka is a fucking machine – he pumps faster, his balls swinging like twin pendulums on speed, his glutes clenching. Then there’s a big surprise – hot top Jirka lets Pavol fuck him up the ass – what a versatile guy – what this doctor won’t do to heal his patient – all part of the treatment! The sweaty conclusion shows Pavol cumming all over Jirka’s ass, Jirka spurting on Milan’s butt and sticking his sticky lovestick back in for a few more hard strokes, and Milan creaming on his tummy. And the three kiss and caress to celebrate a job well done.

This scene is intercut with clips from Tomas’s karate workout – from kicks and jabs, to showering and playing with himself. Some cinematically erotic visual juxtapositions, perhaps. We’ll see more in Scene 4.

Scene Three:

It’s an all red bedroom, as three hot, naked guys enter and hop on the bed. Boyish black-haired Dimitri is on his back – he’s the designated bottom. He spreads his legs immediately for tall, blonde, surfer-dude Frantisek whose big cock is already hard as a rock. He shoves his raw pole right in and fucks the boy hard, while Dimitri’s cock-hungry mouth is already sucking off Tomas’ big dick. There is no leeway for this threeway – just instant non-stop bareback fucking and sucking. Frantisek pounds Dimitri’s bubble butt faster and faster as Tomas face-fucks him simultaneously. Frantisek’s cock is almost too big for the boy’s puckerhole to handle but the more he’s plugged, the deeper it goes, the looser the slots in this love machine. Tomas gets off first and creams on Dimitri’s round ass. Tomas spreads the boy’s butt cheeks to expose his young smooth hole and Frantisek sprays his man juice all over it, then shoves his cummy cock in for a few more gooey thrusts. Dimitri finally lets fly his own load on his stomach, as the hot trio can’t stop making out.

Scene Four:

Tomas goes to the local karate club where an empty gym awaits him. He changes into his white uniform, black belt, and is barefoot as he warms up for his workout. His routine includes jabs, punches, and kicks. He attaches some weights to a long rubber strap which he attaches to one foot. He then proceeds to kick a big yellow punching bag, over and over, switching feet, a sweaty, grueling, disciplined exercise. As he takes a break we see a tattoo of Japanese characters on his heaving, smooth, muscular chest – the same on his karate jacket, and the same in the photo on the wall of the club’s sensei. Next, Tomas uses the rubber straps and weights to tie them to his hands and punch furiously at the bag. After he’s done, he bows to the room and goes to the locker-room. He strips and admires his buffed-up body in the mirror. He showers and lathers up his nice uncut cock and hairy asshole. He soaps and strokes. After a rinse-off and towel-dry he does a playful striptease for the mirror, loses the towel, spits on his dick, and does a little hand to cock workout. He loves watching himself in the mirror.

Scene Five:

Tomas walks down a hallway, dressed in his sexy cop drag – jeans and leather jacket. He’s thinking about what happened to the missing man. He finds the right door to the doctor’s office where he confronts Jirka about where his colleague was killed. Jirka is nervous (and still half dressed) and Tomas has to rough him up to get an answer. Tomas looks around the scene of the crime – the examination room – and the events unfold in flashback. Jay’s walking his dog on snow-covered streets – he’s making a phone call when two men drive up and kidnap him. Blindfolded, he’s dragged down that same hallway to that same room. At gunpoint, Jay is forced to swallow Michal’s big hard cock and suck for his life. The two goons strip naked to sexually abuse their victim to the max. Jay tries to grab their gun to escape but can’t pull it off. He’s a spit roast as Michal fucks his stretched-out asshole as he has to blow Robbie’s uncut pole at the other end. Robbie takes his turn plugging Jay raw, when Jay can’t help but cum all over his stomach as the butt bandit keeps pounding. Michal is next with a spectacular ten-spurt geyser and Robbie creams off as well. Once they’re done having their way with Jay, they shoot him, as blood and jizz drip down his naked, lifeless body.

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