B C Productions - Bringin' Sexxy Back

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Bringin' Sexxy Back
distributor B.C. Productions
Chocolate Cream released ? length 74
category General Hardcore
studio B.C. Productions
rating out of 4 non rated
produced 2007
location U.S.
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director Marvin Jones
Bam Bam (black)
Blaze (black)
Duke (bcp)
Pinky (black)
Prince (black)
source: promotional material
You know it's really easy to lose focus on stayin' fit. But check out all the asses sacrificed, and dick workouts, these brothers are willing to put in to bring sexy back!
scenes /
loops /
source: promotional material
1. Prince (black) OgAb, Blaze (black) OrAt
Beside a white bed with dark horizontal stripes and a low black headboard framed in brown wood with a hump in the center, next to a brown dresser with black drawers, Prince (tattoo on right side of neck, white socks) sucks Blaze (heart tattoo on left chest, out navel, left red wristband, barefoot); Blaze tops Prince on a black cloth.
found in compilation The Mating Game
found in compilation Diggin' Deep (RandomSex)
found in compilation Slippery When Wet (ChocolateCream)

2. Duke (bcp) OgAb, Bam Bam (black) OrAt
On a puffy black leather couch with some Indian print pillows, with a high back, in a red room with white wood trim and various art hangings on the walls, including an ankh, Duke (large goatee) sucks Bam Bam (black and white baseball cap over a black do-rag, clean shaven); Bam Bam tops Duke; Duke rides on Bam Bam.
found in compilation Stick & Move
found in compilation Black Cherry Poppers (DirtyNewYork)
found in compilation M.O.B.
found in compilation Snake Charmers
found in compilation The Best of Duke
found in compilation One Way In
found in compilation Banana Splits

3. Blaze (black) OgrAtRr, Pinky (black) OgrAbRg
On a black and white checkerboard pattern bed, with scrolling vines in the black squares, up against a narrow black shelf with a few bottles, Blaze (left red wristband, black socks) sucks Pinky (taller, skinnier, neck chain with cross, outline tattoo on right deltoid, white socks); they 69; Pinky rims Blaze; Blaze tops Pinky.
found in compilation One Way In
found in compilation Just Do It (ChocolateCream)

4. Blaze (black) OrAt, Iseha OgAb
In a bedroom, on a speckled double bed with speckled pillows and a high black headboard with a curved brown top, against black curtains, between small brown tables with black drawers, and brown lamps with pale orange shades,  Iseha (shaved head, J-shaped scar on left side, round spot on right side in back, very muscular, left wristwatch, goatee, black briefs with red stripe on side, white socks) sucks Blaze (muscular but smaller, tattoo on left chest, out navel, barefoot); Blaze facefucks Iseha upside down; Blaze tops Iseha vigorously in a couple of positions at the weight bench and on the speckled bed.
found in compilation Re-Tail Updates

action notes:
O=Oral; A=Anal; R=Rim; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;

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