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MormonBoyz - Elder Oaks - THE COVENANT

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Description - Elder Oaks was always a bit timid around the other boys. All through his life he’d kept his head low and tried not to ruffle any feathers. This shy behavior didn’t go unnoticed by the young boy’s father, and President Oaks did everything he could to dote on and praise his son. He worried sometimes that maybe he was too soft on him. He couldn’t help it. He loved his son too much.
Seeing him grow into a young man and begin his mission filled him with intense pride. But it wasn’t until he caught his son sniffing his musky jock that he thought his own son might be a strong candidate to join the secret society of the Order.
He took special care in bringing him in, conducting his invitation and preparing him for the priesthood. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was to be able to see his own son called to the Order. He is ready to guide his son through the procedural steps required before he can claim his boy’s hole for himself.
It was for his own good that Elder Oaks learn to please others, as unquestioned and unbridled obedience is the cornerstone of the Order.
As much as it frustrated him, President Oaks refrained from engaging with his son until it was time for his next anointing.
Elder Oaks took notice of this withdrawal and began to question his own desirability to his father. He was so confused why things had gotten so cold between them. As much as he wanted to become a member of the Order, he wanted more to satisfy the needs of his dad.
Upon arriving at the Temple for his anointing ceremony, Elder Oaks began to get nervous, knowing that it was to be overseen by President Nelson. Knowing that the Order was a secret society focused on sex, he knew he was going to have to give his body to this man. Still, he couldn’t deny that he was incredibly sexy.
As he removed his garments in one of the preparation rooms of the temple, he was joined by his father, also changing out of his clothes. Elder Oaks was so happy to see his dad. He’d always been there to see him through hard things before, and having him there put his mind at ease.
President Oaks expressed his love and pride for his son, knowing that he was about to see him take the thick, hard cock of his muscular colleague. It was a unique thrill and excitement, causing a throbbing boner in his undergarments. Elder Oaks couldn’t ignore his erection, and reached out to feel his father’s member. Unable to hold back their desires, the two leaned in and began kissing each other, rubbing each other and leaking precum through their white underwear.
President Oaks stopped himself and remembered that there simply to witness, and he needs to leave his son untouched for President Nelson. As Elder Oaks expressed his nervousness, his father smiled and assured, “Don’t worry, son. He’ll take care of you.”
Elder Oaks crawled on his hands and knees through a tiny hallway into an adjacent room. His father had changed into white, ceremonial attire and left the room, leaving his son with only the instruction of waiting until he was called. After hearing the knock, he knew it was time.
When he entered the room, he could see his father in the back, standing against the wall. In the center of the room was a large, white bed. Even though this was all new, he felt a strong sense of calm knowing that his dad would be looking over him the whole time.
President Nelson led the boy to the edge of the bed and ordered him to wash his feet. The young son wanted very much to please him, knowing that in doing so he would also be pleasing his father. As he wet the nearby towel and ran it over President Nelson’s feet, he become incredibly aroused. This powerful man was very still and very strong and it excited him to be down at his feet.
Before he could continue, President Nelson told him to stand and took off his sacred garments. Running his hands over his torso, he carefully and slowly admired the lean, young body of his colleague’s son. He turned back to address President Oaks, stating, “Your son is very handsome.” President Oaks simply smiled and nodded.
President Nelson instructed the eager son to take off his clothes. In doing so, Elder Oaks was dumbstruck to see the massive pecs and chiseled six-pack of this sexy man. He’d suspected that he was in good shape, but he had no idea he was superhuman!
Elder Oaks couldn’t contain his lust for the muscle daddy, inhaling the scent of his crotch as President Nelson directed his face closer. With his view obstructed, President Oaks moved closer, not wanting to miss a moment of his son’s pleasure and service.
Over the sounds of heavy breathing and panting, President Oaks spoke to his colleague, “He’s a good boy, isn’t he?” In raptured pleasure, President Nelson responded, “Yes, he is.”
Between the hot crotch of the sexy man in front of him and hearing the approval of his father, Elder Oaks was overcome with sexual desire, pulling out the thick, meaty cock of President Nelson and filling his mouth with it’s veiny girth. He wanted this man inside him, to worship his body and to please him completely. And he wanted his dad to watch.
President Nelson was amazed how well this young man was handling the size of his cock. He’d broken in many boys, but derived special pleasure in doing so in the presence of this boy’s father. His desire to fuck him soon become more than he could handle.
Bending Elder Oaks over the bed, President Nelson pressed his slick, wet cock against the tight, pink hole of his young Mormon boy. As he inched his way in, he could feel the walls of the young boy’s ass yield to take him deeper, massaging the thick head of cock. He shared a quick look with President Oaks. The father was beaming with pride, eyeing to his colleague, “Fuck my boy…”                     

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