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A Priest's Confession

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DescriptionA young and hot priest finds a good time - very hot gay action


"In A Priest's Confession, sensitive young Father Daniel (Jimmy Fanz) is in a secret struggle to maintain his oath of celibacy as he finds himself falling for hot young parishioner Steven Lockwood (Tommy Defendi). Fearful and confused, the tormented priest seeks counseling from older Father O'Ryan (Boston Miles) who instead sends him an altar boy (Chase Young) to satisfy the younger priest's craving for men. More guilt-ridden than ever, Father Daniel goes home to visit his family and pray for divine guidance. But when meets his sister's (Elexis Monroe) new fiancée, he's faced with a shocking realization - and not even The Lord can save him from temptation now."

3 Reasons To Watch This Film

I've never met a Catholic priest whom I haven't thought was gay.
And I further admit that I often find myself fantasizing about what it's like to have my head under that flowing robe, working that holy cock with my mouth.
"Oh my God - I am heartly sorry - for having offended thee - and I detest all my sins - because I dread the loss of Heaven - and the pain of Hell - but most of all, because I love thee" - and I want so badly to get off while I'm at church.

Having been raised Catholic, I must confess that I've found myself sitting in a church pew, fantasizing about what might be under the clergy's robe on more than one occasion. Sure, many priests are older, potato-shaped and generally unattractive - but every now and then you get a nice, young hottie fresh out of Seminary school and ready to... do the Lord's work. Of course, we all know priests are human, and just like the rest of us, they have sexual desires. They're not supposed to act on these desires, but another thing we all know is that they sometimes do. In Rock Candy Films' A Priest's Confession, Jimmy Fanz plays Father Daniel, a handsome young priest who's not only gorgeous, but he's also willing to act on his inner yearnings for men. Well, kind of willing anyway...

Truth be told, Father Daniel is caught-up in somewhat of a moral crisis. Upon finding himself with a hard-on for one of his parishioners, Steven Lockwood (played by Tommy Defendi), Father Daniel confesses his attraction to fellow priest Boston Miles. Instead of sending him to say ten Hail Mary's, twenty Our Father's and seek God's forgiveness, Boston send him to altar boy Chase Young who is more than happy to satisfy the good Father's carnal urge to fuck another man. He even lets Boston get a piece as well. Even though Tommy's getting it on with eager-for-some-big-dick Rod Daily, he still finds time to slip a hotel address to Father Daniel in a confessional. When the two men finally get together, the sexual energy between the two is intense. They passionately make-out before Tommy's cock becomes the center of attention. He fucks Jimmy hard and fucks him well, with both men exploding in orgasm at the end.

At least in the opinion of this reviewer, religion - Catholicism especially - is filled with sexual undertones and A Priest's Confession puts them beautifully on display. With so much recent media coverage concerning Catholic priests and their sex lives, it would have been very easy to turn this film into a piece of daddy-meets-twink filth that straddles the line of good taste. And though that concept certainly could have been great in its own way, director Nica Noelle has made A Priest's Confession into a film about sexual struggles we all face (especially gay men), and it's about as tasteful as gay porn can get while still being incredibly erotic. I loved it, my dick loved it, and I'm pretty sure yours will, too. Get on your knees and say a prayer not to bust your nut during the first scene. You'll want to stick around for the whole ride.

-- J.D. Luvdacock

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