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♺ Bad Boy Detention 3 - Raw Trouble

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-08-22 |

SCENE 1: Day Day & Lamar Love & Meko Mills 
Meko and Lamar are stuck in detention and it's Mr. Day Day in charge again! They start mouthing off and
Day Day steps in to tell them that they need to be taught a lesson. When they ask what kind of lesson he
pulls his huge dick out and tells them it's how to suck and take it. Day Day bends both of them over,
eats out their asses, and takes turns plowing them deep, hard and raw. These boys are horny and ready to
fuck and they're taking it up the ass while sucking on another dick nonstop. They lay Meko down on Day
Day's desk, unload a crazy amount of cum all over him and cover his face. Lamar leans down and licks
some of that nut up while making out with Meko and Meko busts all over himself too right in time for
detention to be over for the day.

SCENE 2: Antonio Alvarez & Avery Alexander 
Antonio and Avery are chillin in the locker room after a game of basketball and nothing makes these two
hornier. Antonio eyes Avery's round cheeks in a jockstrap and can't control himself. He gets his dick
out and they take turns blowing each other before Avery gets bent over and rimmed and finger fucked.
You can tell that ass is wet cause he is moaning like he is in heat! Antonio takes full advantage and
mounts Avery on all fours drilling him balls deep until he's calling him papi. You won't believe the
amount of cum Antonio has saved up and ready to blow. He unleashes it all over Avery's tight hole and
makes sure to shove it in one last time before they shit the showers.

SCENE 3: Lamar Love & Meko Mills 2 
Lamar and Meko are left alone in detention with the teacher nowhere in sight. With nothing to do Lamar
figures he and Meko should kick it and Meko is definitely game. They drop trou and Meko gets on his
knees to get Lamar's big dick real hard. Lamar bends Meko over and tastes his tight hole, spreading his
cheeks and burying his face in it. In no time they're taking turns plowing each other, digging in balls
deep and fucking rough and bare. Lamar unleashes a big load in Meko's hungry mouth and Meko swallows
that nut down like he's starving. Meko finishes by shooting a huge load all over Lamars lips then leans
down and licks it up while they kiss. That's what's up!

SCENE 4: Day Day & Zy Wilson 
Day Day's left in charge of the class to make sure everyone is looking over their notes but finds out
Zy is busy lookin at dick! Day Day asks if he wants to see the "real thing" and before you know it Zy
is doing more than looking, he's suckin dat shit like a champ. But once Zy has Day Days tongue in his
ass, you know they about to get their fuck on. Day Day takes dat shit deep n hard and Zy is beggin for
it in every position. Day Day drills dat hole until he's ready to bust his nut all over Zy's sexy ass.
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