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japanese guy
A sweet and fearless mask and strong muscles that have been trained through rigorous practice.
Fitting for the Number 20 anniversary issue, the perfect new swimmer "Ren, 19 years old" shocked debut! !!
A supple body that becomes one with water, a sensitive penis that is about to come right away hidden in a piece of competitive bread ...
ALL Competitive Pan Active Sports Association ONLY!! Popular sports clubs such as big main, Keisuke, Shinji, and tall soccer club members gather! !!
(1) Lotus, the first shot of tension! !! As soon as I started blaming the lotion, my voice was rough with pleasure and I immediately exploded! !!
While being able to put a vibrator, the second shot is also fired immediately with male technology! !!
(2) D.M.T.7 rookie swimmer 18-year-old finally wins his first time! !! A tall soccer club member digs up with a big! !!
Swimmer, dug up and & first facial cumshot! !!
(3) Lotus, the first hole of resolve! !! I feel like I'm going to many times with a male!
I endured the impact of digging a big gun hard and was in agony! !! Digging and receiving the first facial cumshot in two consecutive shots! !!

Number 20記念号にふさわしい、パーフェクトな新人スイマー「蓮・19才」衝撃デビュー!!
①蓮、緊張の初撮影!! ローション責めを始めた途端、快感に声を荒げ即暴発!!
②D.M.T.7新人スイマー18才が遂に初ウケ!! 長身サッカー部員が巨根でズボズボ掘りまくり!!
③蓮、覚悟の初穴貫通!! 雄フェラで何度もイキそうに!
巨根ガン掘りの衝撃に懸命に耐えてガチ悶絶!! 掘られイキに、初顔射を2連発で受ける!!

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