♺ Robert Van Damme fucks Rick Hammersmith - Private Party 2 - Scene 3

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-09-28 |
Studio: Robert Van Damme
Stars: Robert Van Damme, Rick Hammersmith
Resolution: 640x464
Format/Codec: AVI/XVID
Runtime: 00:19:41

Robert and Rick discover another bedroom, this one wood paneled with a big bed. Rick is ready to go again. They kiss and Robert gets his shirt undone. Robert takes his shirt off and starts to work on Rick - kissing him, caressing him and playing with his protruding nipples. Robert pulls his pants open and down to suck on Rick`s dick. They`ve agreed that Robert is going to fuck him, so he`s just getting him ready. They both get out of their clothes, and Robert lies back on the bed to get Rick to suck his big uncut dick. As it gets longer and thicker, they both get more and more turned on.
Rick flexes is huge muscles for an appreciative Robert. He goes back down, deep-throating Robert`s cock. `That`s going to feel so good up my ass,` Rick murmurs. He turns over so that Robert can munch on his already warmed up hole. Robert stands to feed Rick his stiff dick again. They kiss some more, and Robert pulls Rick over to him, so that his head is off the bed and Robert can both thrust his dick down Rick`s throat and suck on his dick at the same time. A quick cut, and Robert has Rick`s legs in the air with his now condom-covered dick penetrating his ass. Robert power fucks him until their both ready to shoot, first Rick on himself, and then Robert over Rick. Robert wallows in the spent cum, coming up for air with his face covered in it. Robert again kisses and licks Rick`s nipples and chest. A satisfied Rick says, `I don`t know whose party this is, but I think I just won first prize!`
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