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Muscle Oil Showdown
Rogerio Mateo v Renato Belaggio

Newcomer super-ripped fighter, Rogerio, is doing a tough body worship on muscleman Renato in the brand new Wrestlehard basement ring. The newcomer muscledude asks Renato to oil his beautiful body. Renato is not doing his job very well, he leaves oil spots on the fighter's body. Rogerio pushes down the muscleman's head to show him the spots. This upsets Renato very much and attacks the fast and leaner brawler.

The fight is very equal with lots of nice wrestling moves and holds, naked boxing and tough wrestling with hard-ons. Finally the more experienced Rogerio knocks out Renato with a strong abs punch. He forces his dick into Renato's mouth in a face sit position. Great fucking action follows the blowjob and Rogerio cums while he's sitting on Renato's face. What a knockout !


Gay Masseur Punished and Humiliated
6'7" Chris Hacker v James Jones

Super tall and gressive wrestler, Chris, is doing his wrestler's bridge exercises. Cute twink James is doing push-ups beside the giant. After a bad move, Chris feels pain on his back. James generously offers a massage as a therapy. He does a sensual massage which ends up with a butt-touching. That is way too much for the proud, straight giant and he yells at James and throws him to the wall like a ragdoll.

Uneven punishment wrestling starts where Chris teaches some manners to the poor gay masseur. We can see verbal and strong phisycal humiliation in a very rough way. Chris can be the new Win Diezel or Chris Stone because he is a natural born destroyer.

In the end as a punishment, he fucks James in various positions...so both get what they deserve and something more !


True Love?
Win Diezel v Wilson Bone

Win finally found his true love!!..Or so he he thought...He's in bed with his new cute young boyfriend.. Win is hugging the handsome boy and kissing him and promises him that his love is true and will last forever. After cuddling, Win turns to the other side of the bed and falls asleep. As soon as he is asleep, Wilson switches on his notebook, logs on the Wrestlehard site and starts to jerk off on a Chris Stone photo. And who cannot resist the muscular Chris?

Win cannot sleep well and starts to look for his true love and observes he's watching a Chris Stone photo. He becomes very dissapointed and crazy jealous ! Win throws him into the new ring and starts a rip 'n' strip wrestling session. He tears off Wilson's jeans and shirts and punishes him in various humiliating holds with lots of verbal and cruel physical torture. He pushes the pieces of the jeans into Wilson's ass and treats him like a little dog while he wrestles him. Of course the fight is very unequal.

He punishes the young cheater with a very cruel fuck session, opens up his butthole and talks shit the whole time. In the end, he forces Wilson to cum while watching Chris' photo. Then he gets rid of the cheater in the easiest way...throws him out like the dog that he is ! WOOF !.


Wrestling Lesson Gone Wrong
Chris Stone vs. Tony Tiger and Ken Parker Part 1 and Part 2

Master Chris is teaching his two new beautiful twink students. Although they look very athletic, they know nothing about wrestling. That makes the mature master upset and starts to treat his students in a very bad way with lots of slapping and verbal humiliation. Finally, one of the guys has enough of this treatment and decides to attack the muscleman. That is a big mistake !!

Chris is much stronger than these two together and shows them what real punishment and discipline is. He treats them like puppets, grabs the two and plays with them like they are his slaves. They have to kiss like little pussies, lick each other's ass and suck Master Chris Stone's hard dick. There are lots of hot action in this video like when Chris throws one twink over the other, or when he lifts them up and throws them out of the ring and then there is the super erotic double bearhug! You want to see hard wrestling? You got it! These 3 wrestlers show how to wrestle with dick as hard as iron. In the end, Chris fucks both of the young wrestlers so at least they learn how to be fucked even if they have no talent for the sport.


Wrestling in Bed
Alfredo Castaldo and Claudio Antonelli

This is an unusual WrestleHard video because it happens in the bedroom not in the ring. Obviously, this is a bit more erotic and sensual than any average WH scenes. But still, it is very far from romantic. It starts with superstar Claudio waking up his partner with a not so kind punch with a pillow. The angry Alfredo punishes Claudio with hundreds of very tough pillow punches and then a very erotic sex-wrestling begins in the bed. We see lots of ball and nipple torture. The guys also tease each other sometimes in some rough but sensual ways. Although they are not in the ring,the wrestling is still great. They continue the video with a very hot naked wrestling session.

In the second part Claudio gets the punishment fuck from the bit stronger Alfredo. He fucks him in three very hot positions,including a full-nelson fuck. Sweet dreams, sweet cum !


Two cocks better than one !
Mangiatti Twins vs Max Summers Part 1

The world-famous Mangiatti twins are back exclusively for Wrestlehard.com! A real heavyweight wrestling treat for all of you die hard fans!!. More than 700 lbs of pure muscle together. Super bottom Max Summers tries to stop the twins who are wrestling for domination. He yells at them and tries to push them out from the ring. He thinks he's better than the two brothers together. The twins don't need that insult! They become so furious and attack the giant wrestler.

The fight is uneven obviously and the twins are very happy to try their dirty secret holds on the brave muscleman. We can see Max on dogleash walking around the ring - with one twin riding his back and the other slapping his ass and commanding him to move faster. The super twins do a crazy nipple and ball torture then follow it up with gutpunches while one brother holds Max in a full-nelson. Sometimes, Max gets the upperhand - he grabs the heads of the twins and push them into a strong hold or he punches them both at the same time with an American style wrestling hit.

The speedo and naked wrestling turns into wild punishment sex. Max has to taste the beautiful twin's asses first. Yummy! Then the brothers give a very sensual blowjob to Max. Their tongue almost touch each other on the side of Max's dick. Max has to suck the two anaconda cocks at the same time, he hardly can breathe with 18 inches stuck in his mouth. Then the twins show us again how good of fuckmachines they truly are. They fuck the titan Max in three very tough positions streching Max's burning ass to his limits with their huge dicks.


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