SH/BF Guys Whose Names Begin With L

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DescriptionContinuing to share this cleaned up collection.  L guys: Lee & Lee2, Leonardo, Leon, Liam, Louis, Lucas, Lukas.  A real range of guys in the L's.  Lee2 is an Aryan punk who is horrified to find his lovely perfect body at the mercy of gay doms.  I'm not sure what the other Lee's story is but he's eminently tormentable with bespoke nipple clamps.  Leonardo appears in some of the studio's other films as a nasty dom himself but here he's getting his - screaming the whole time.  Thank goodness for ball gags.  I wish there was more of Leon - treated like a circus beast with his feet chained and his hands and neck fettered.  Liam is a pretty new sequence.  The Louis sequence has apparently been removed at the demand of the guy filmed - um, yeah, you might think twice about this stuff getting out.  Lucas is an arrogant young pup with a lovely hair ass that gets shaved and fucked; he struggles mightily (he also appears in Brutal Tops as a horrible dom so don't feel so bad for him).  Lucas is a bit older and seems genuinely discomfited by the idea that he's gonna suck cock and get fucked.  Go figure.  Pre and post interviews included when available. 
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