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The Banana Blog is one of my favourite pornsites. Some of the clips may have shared elsewhere but I've provided a link for each clip so you can check

1. The Inner Slut – Long Day at Work [2.32, 65mb]
I came across this clip from a former Tumble site “TheInnerSlut“. That site may not be up anymore but thankfully the hot video below remains. Here’s the description of the video from the original slut :)
“Boring day at work. Can’t stand working in retail sometimes. Especially at the slow time of the season. I pretty much spend my day on Grindr setting up times for guys to come fuck me at home. Or for someone daring enough to come fuck me in the dressing room. Anything!
Well today, while walking home, one of my favorite dicks was in the area. He’s not normally so I made sure to message him right away. Ugh, he’s so attentive. We didn’t have to speak much. He knew exactly what I was hungry for. Cum.
I got home and did a quick rinse when he was already at my door. The door I answered naked. he was wearing just basketball shorts and a hardon. Fresh from the beach. I took him straight to my room and jumped on my bed.
“the camera is right there,” I pointed. And he wasted no time. When his hand started to pet my hole I knew I was going to get all the nutrients needed for my lunch break.”

2. Hardcore Fucking In The…Bed [4.24, 14mb]
This reminds me a lot of the “Hardcore Fucking in the RV clip” I posted on 10/4 (see that clip here). Mainly that both bottoms had amazing asses and from the second I started watching them I thought to myself…”I’m blogging this!”
Aww I love when finding good amateur porn to post is that easy. Most times it’s not.

3. The Dildo Rider [0.45, 27mb]
I believe the last “dildo” video I posted featured a guy riding a …lotion bottle (?) among other things. I’m not so sure that one counts so I bring you a clip of another cutie riding an actual dildo – on a bar stool.
I also must point out that he “rides” it pretty damn well. Imaging what he can do with the real thing.

4. A cute face…and then he lowered the camera [0.45, 18mb]
When I first came across this clip I thought to myself that this guy was pretty cute in a “fratboy-ish” kinda way. …and then he pointed the camera down.
Needless to say when he revealed what was hanging between his legs my thoughts quickly changed. I’m pretty sure I forgot he even had a face at that point.

5. The Garage Fuck [0.45, 18mb]
After scrolling through my recent posts, I realized I needed to find a good “fuck” video – in an effort to balance things out :) Thankfully, I recently came across this clip  from ‘blacksparkproject‘ on Tumblr. It’s short but still hot considering it also doesn’t have a visible cum shot.
Perhaps it’s the way the sun hits their bodies…or the way the top works his hips and ass as he fucks the bottom. I’m sure it’s the latter!

6. Big Muscle and an even bigger Load [1.03, 8mb]
When I first came across this video, the person proclaimed that it was fitness/Adonis god, Adam Carlton (see past post). However, I highly doubt it. For some reason, the features just don’t match Adam’s body completely.
Regardless of who it is, when I saw the massive cum shot I knew it was worth a post!
For some reason I just wasn’t expecting that load to come out of that body. I’m going to guess he’s taken some pre-workout pump up drink, did a big workout and then came home super horny with the blood flowing in all the right places.

7. Fucking The Neighbors Slutty Son [6.23, 46mb]
Now I don’t if the title actually represents what is taking place between these two guys, but it was the title of the video when I found it online. I must say, it would be pretty hot if that was the situation though.
Either way, the bottom takes a fucking like a champ, and the tops ass bangs relentlessly like a pro. What more could you ask for.

8. Hot Guy Gets Blow Job with Explosive Ending [2.38, 20mb]
I came across this clip of a hot guy getting what looks like a pretty good blowjob. You can check out the explosive ending around the 1:55 mark. The only downside of the clip is that it doesn’t have any sound :( therefore, you’ll just have to use your imagination. Usually a clip with no sound is an automatic NO for a posting, but I liked this one for a few reasons.
…Just imagine a bunch of slurping noises and the sound of a guy having an orgasm towards the end.

9. Ride It, Cowboy [4.40, 112mb]
Do I really need to set up this clip? All you have to do is take one glance at the pic below (and I suppose the post title too! lol) and you’ll know exactly what’s about to happen! The only thing I wish is that we could see the bottoms face at least once during video. Regardless of that though, it’s still a very hot clip! This man is every tops dream!
Source: AussieSlutHole

10. The Seduction of Tony – Yeah, I Actually Believe It [6.12, 58mb]
One thing that I love to find in amateur porn (and why this is one of my favorites) is when you can actually feel/see the “humanness” in the clip or when the truly unexpected happens. Example.
Now, I commonly see the scene below described as “Straight Boy Tony Seduced” (or something similar). I’ve also heard the “straight boy seduced” line in gay porn a million other times as well. However, this is one of the first times when I actually believe it!
You have to look at Tony’s subtle transition in body language as the scene progresses to perhaps see what I mean. He goes from being fairly passive to slowly becoming more interested and focused on the BJ Vinnie is giving him.
I believe this was around Tony’s third filming and the first time Tony actually sucked Vinnie as well. It also just happens to be the first time Vinnie took his pants off and exposed his dick to Tony too. I call that temptation :) Keep in mind, this is a very condensed version of a 25 minute clip. I tried to at least show enough to make my point — and to get you off.

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