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Blonde sensation Lee Walbash and Christian Owen re-unite, and Lee's sexual hunger develops in eye-catching new ways rarely seen on video. There are many scorching scenes which include: Jason Sizemore, 18, who has a beautiful face and spectacular assets; the all new super-cute, military blond, Bryan Archer, 20; plus three exciting foreign discoveries, Marcus Reika, Sven Viner, Van Kale; also the ravishing Ryan Scott and Yummy Drew Peters!
In "Sunny Delights," Lee Walbash plays a housesitter in L.A. His uncle has left him to look after the estate, so to speak, so he decides to see "what happens" when he invites some friends to look the joint, and him, over.

While he's pumping iron next to the pool, skinny, exotic Jason Sizemore shows up. They chatter (there's an awful lot of chatter in this flick, and a lot of introductory scene-setting footage, all of it fairly effective), before they compare abs. Then cocks. Well, there simply is no comparison. Lee is very well hung, but Jason didn't get his screen last name for nuttin'. I've been watching porn since Tallulah, darlings, and I have never seen a cock the size of this one on a twink -- it's got to be the 10 inches -- easy -- as it's billed in the production notes, but it's also as thick as a late-August zucchini. It is not something a cocksucking amateur looks upon with glee, but Lee gives it a whack -- and he simply never, ever gives up trying to deep-throat it, even though he can't. Give the kid an A for effort, and what's more, give director Richard Morgan an A+ for allowing us to hear the delightfully sexy banter between the two as Lee attempts to complete the job. No one scripted this. It's a quick scene, with Lee offering his cock to Jason as well before he completely loses it and creams all over his partner, then licks up his own cum. Then Jason dumps a magnificent load directly into Lee's face, on his eyes, and on his lips -- he spits it out a few times, but then goes back to kiss and lick the cum off Jason's cock before they kiss. Hot, risky, and completely unedited.

Across town, three European vacationing boys are lost in the subways of L.A., looking for the neighborhood where Bryan Archer lives -- he's their host on their vacation. The three -- Marcus, Van and Sven -- are archetypical Eastern Europeans: Marcus is tall, skinny, toothy and blond; Sven is wide-faced, slightly hairy, and hung like a Black Forest oak; Van is a puppy, the waterboy on the football team, cute as a button. Van and Kale parade around the subways with their shirts open, and you are anticipating that the three of them will get it on with Bryan when they find him. Well, they find him, but it's Marcus who gets the prize, seduced by his host in the shower while the other two wait in the living room.

Bryan pulls Marcus into the bedroom, and the other two go looking for them. They park themselves on the deck next to the bedroom, and watch the two blonds through the floor-to-ceiling window suck-and-fuck while they pump their own puds. Both Bryan and Marcus are equal to their tasks in bed, eating, rimming and then flip-flopping doggy-style, but the highlight is watching first Van, then Sven, blow loads on the window -- Sven, especially, makes a case for one going into the window cleaning business in West Hollywood just for such occasions. The scene is routine, and the disappointment is that neither Sven nor Van gets to touch or be touched by any of the others. (Someone should get them fucked on screen -- soon!)

Next we see Lee again, this time chatting with Drew Peters, who has the best body in the video, one of the more intriguing faces, a hot hairstyle, and some flashy tats. Unfortunately, this scene has a lot of chatter, and Drew's voice is simply too young, and somewhat nasal, for his body. But when he and Lee arrive at Drew's apartment (which he shares with Bryan, who is not there), they get down to some serious cocksucking on the couch, which overlooks the valley ("You think anyone can see us in here?" Lee asks). They soon move to the deck, where both give substantial head -- the great thing here is listening to Lee, who has quite a repertoire of vocal sounds he pitches out during sex. If he was worried about people seeing him through the window, they sure as hell could hear him moaning out on the deck. Perhaps that's why the fuck is indoors -- on the leather couch overlooking the valley, first missionary then doggy, Lee on top of course. The scene ends with Lee and Drew jerking off next to each other on the couch: Drew comes first, Lee cums all over his own hand and then licks his cum off his wrist, and shares it in a scene closing kiss.

Lee actually has a roommate -- the big-dicked Jason Sizemore. He's in the shower while we watch henna-haired Ryan Scott browse the market looking for stuff before he heads off to the house to look up his friend Lee. He gets no answer, goes in the back way, right as Jason is coming out of the shower. "Is there something I can help you with?" Jason asks after informing Ryan that Lee is out. "Maybe you can," and there they go. This is the most romantic sex scene in the film -- kissing, sucking, rimming and finally Jason getting a hole to stick his telephone pole into. But it's the mouth, throat, and I would strongly suspect second alimentary canal, of Ryan Scott that steals the scene. This young man spends an exceptional amount of time demonstrating how very easy it is to take a 10-inch zucchini straight down to the pubes -- not once, not twice, but so many times that you simply lose count, once you get the knack of it. In addition, Ryan is very well endowed himself -- so their 69 is especially delicious, and the rimjob Jason gives Ryan is deep enough to suggest that no further lubrication was needed when he sent his cock up the chute. It's a hard, exceptionally passionate fuck -- first doggy then missionary -- before the climax ("Watch me cum," Ryan whimpers, as he explodes, followed by a substantial gusher from his bunkmate). They kiss, sharing a bit of Jason's load that shot onto Ryan's lower lip.

Now, Christian Owen brings his pal, Bryan Archer, over to meet Lee. You get the impression that Bryan and Christian, a short, skinny, toothy blond with a cock as long as his thigh, are boyfriends at the beginning of the scene, but after a couple of silly "truth or dare" segues, all those thoughts go out the window as fast as you can say, "Hey, I thought this was supposed to be a three-way." Well, it is -- sort of. This is as vigorous, hot festival of cock as you will see this year. It evolves naturally from fully clothed kissing to totally naked double-cocksucking and hits heights of intensity when Christian shoves his cock up Bryan's ass missionary-style, as Bryan chows down on Lee's slightly overused pecker. This is a long fuck which ends in a most unusual way -- Christian and Bryan explode in manjuice all over each other, and then Lee cums right on Bryan's face, covering Bryan's lips with cum, then bends over, licks his cum, and plunges into a cum-sharing kiss with Bryan.

Bryan is not done yet -- he looks at the camera and says: "Watch this!" Next we see Lee on his knees polishing off Bryan's pole, moaning and groaning until the sandy-haired satyr pops a load straight into Lee's face -- the scene is shot with two cameras, one in repeated in slo-mo, as Lee whispers, "Shoot it on my face," takes it, lifts Bryan's cock to his lips, licks it, then cleans it off with a couple of seep gulps, and stands up for a scene-ending kiss.

The final, quick scene, with Bryan and Lee chatting outdoors, should be watched, and listened to. It's a rationale for what preceded -- which, no matter what your preferences or thoughts about safety, will leave you shaking your head. But, I bet you rewind to the beginning of the last scene before you press the "eject" button.

It's so nice to watch a twink grow into himself sexually on the screen. In his debut in "California Gold," compact, perky sun-bleached blond Lee Walbash sort of poked around with gay sex, coming through in the final scene with star Christian Owen in a somewhat tentative, nearly trade, performance, appearing to learn how to suck cock, and enjoying the poking he gave to Christian's skinny little ass. In "Sunny Delights," Lee not only appears in three scenes with three completely different types of partners, but he also moves his cocksucking skills up several notches, while improving the rhythm of his action when he sticks his downward-bent, long pole into a couple of pucker holes as well. Although he doesn't toss up his own pucker for exploration other than by tongue (on the screen, at least), he goes further in this video than most experienced porn stars have done in the past 15 years: He takes cum on the face, in the eyes, on the lips, and then cleans off two gratefully sticky cocks, and also plunges into a mutual cum-sharing kiss with a co-star, Bryan Archer. This daring, final splurge is a shock, but it also serves to solidify Lee Walbash as a potential superstar -- and it saves him from the fate of having the flick stolen from right under his cute upturned nose by the spectacularly versatile, farm boy fresh, incredibly insatiable Bryan.

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