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♺ Gay Creeps - Mathew Cage Gets Wet Dick Over Homeboy

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-08-11 |

GayCreeps.com is a new website that launched in November 2009.  It says its about "Gay Guys Converting Their Straight Roommates".  You see a lot of sleeping men on the home page.  You can assume these are straight guys that are about to be crept upon and "converted".  Here's where you need to suspend disbelief - the sleeping guy is most likely playing along (and if he's not, then damn he sleeps like a fucking rock) because, really, who's not waking up when a cock is shoved up your ass?  And who wants to fuck someone who's asleep anyway?  That takes creep to a whole other level.  But once you get past this notion, the videos get very hot.

About this first installment: Mathew is a repressed individual. His whole life he's been trying to act all manly trying to get all the ladies. After some time his frustration catches up with him. He finds his buddy relaxing in his room. Secretly spying on him Mathew begins to jerk his man meat. Then he goes for the plunge...

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