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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-12-20 |
Updated: 24-11-2014 - Perhaps the very first original twink, 1980's actor 'Morgan', having performed in a few 8mm loops for YMAC and Magnum Griffin, made such an impression on legendary film director William Higgins that he was quickly recruited for a job at Higgins' own studio Laguna Pacific. However, after performing in only a couple of scenes for Higgins, Morgan's career came to a sudden and mysterious end. There are several conflicting stories on how his career ended. One is that he was killed in 1984 after he either jumped, fell or was thrown of a cliff and another that his father found out about his career, convinced him to quit and to prevent people looking for him, made up the story of his untimely death.

This home-made collection includes all but one of the scenes in which Morgan performed. Included are his first solo scene for YMAC, a very rare 8mm loop released by Magnum Griffin, his two scenes for William Higgins and another very rare solo loop of unknown origin.
Another 8mm loop titled 'Meter Man' must be in existance but this scene could not be found for inclusion in this collection. This loop features Morgan and Erick Martin and was released in the early 80's by Magnum Griffin (MG-052). Please share if you have this.

Also included in this torrent are stills from the scenes included in this collection and a set of scans from a vintage photo magazine with many stills from scene 02.

Scene 01: 1983 Workshop (Scene 12 from Laguna Pacific 'Strictly For Ladies Only' - 09:42)
Morgan enters into a workshop in a white shirt and Dockers, strips to his spare naked frame and gives us a standing jerk off. With loving close-ups, the multiple angles give his white stream additional volume. Directed by William Higgins.

Scene 02: 1982 College Cock (Scene 6 from Laguna Pacific 'The Best Little Warehouse In L.A.' - 10:22)
Mike Dean tells Morgan how he got his job at the warehouse and they consummate his employment. Impish looking but definitely sporting a man-sized cock, Morgan gets fucked by Mike and then happily returns the favor. Released by Catalina Video as part of 'The Best Little Warehouse In L.A.' movie and also released as a seperate loop on Laguna Pacific (LP-181). Directed by William Higgins.

Scene 03: 1982 Morgan (Scene 1 from YMAC YVC-07 'Morgan & Friends'  - 13:15)
Beautiful 18 year old blue eyes blonde Morgan loves showing you his terrific ass. Filmed from some unique angles that accentuate his beauty, Morgan is one of the easiest models we've worked with. He really digs being the little actor in front of the camera and he has two climaxes! Presumably his debut in gay porn. A severely edited version of this scene was included on the YMAC collection 'Peep Show 1' (YVC-15). For completists this short version is tagged at the end of this collection. Directed by Larry Bronco.

Scene 04 - 1982 Newspaper Boy (Magnum Griffin MG-051 loop - 07:07)
Lou always got the daily paper delivered to his home, but never by this handsome lad. He's a new boy on the route and not only does he deliver the newspaper but offers some hot action as well. He may look young Lou decides, but his tool is full-grown! Lou has no interest in reading the newspaper but has a lot of interest in the boy. Very rare Magnum Griffin loop that was never rereleased in any known video or DVD collection.

Scene 05 - 1982 Table Solo (Unknown Loop - 5:12)
Another solo scene, this time on a round wooden table. Possibly shot for YMAC by an unknown director, this loop was never included in any known video or DVD collection.

Finally, please do not share this film on other trackers.

Format: AVI
Duration: 43:35
Video: 320 x 240, 1500kbps
Audio: 128kbps

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