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Rapture is an anthology series that delves more deeply into the lives of the Class Comics characters by offering compelling, sensual and hard-core self-contained stories. These stories further develop our character’s backgrounds and story lines and often serve as tie-ins to our other series and titles.

Rapture features a vast cast of characters, from Camili-Cat, Locus and Naked Justice to Ghostboy, Sethan and Incubus to name just a few. Each short story is written by Patrick Fillion and focuses on presenting the reader a more comprehensive overview of the featured characters.

In Ratpure #1 we meet Locus for the first time and learn of his relationship with Cam. Locus is sticking his neck out for his old friend, and he has information that could help bring Cam’s greatest desire to life. But there’s danger afoot, and unless Cam can rescue Locus, both his friend and the information he caries will be lost forever.

Meanwhile, Naked Justice, defender of Gateway City Naked Justice must battle his most frigid foe to date… Icecap! We only wish our dicks were this size while suffering from shrink-a-dink! This wickedly funny new NJ story was scripted by the hilarious Donald MacLean of Naked Justice volumes 1 and 2.

In Rapture #2, Incubus decides to pay Jon Dazy a little visit and repay him for all the crap he put his father, Diablo through. This story, written by Patrick and illustrated by Spubba provides Incubus with a great opportunity to shine in the limelight. Rapture #2 also includes part 1 of the The Great Satyr Caper, featuring Naked Justice and Space Cadet, and a Locus story called 3 Boys and 1 Bug!

Each comics is in a seperate folder. All pictures are in .jpg format.

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