Big Bang Therapy

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1. Argie, Jordan
A slender and cute Asian twink comes to visit Doctor Argie complaining of intestinal cramps. That sort of issue is right up Dr. Argie's kinky alley. This gives him every reason for an anal exam on this cute Asian boy. The horny doctor is especially keen to ass fingering this boy, so he performs the "turn your head and cough" technique just so he can get his finger up his ass. More anal penetration is needed before the perverted doctor can come to any diagnosis. Before proceeding, the kinky Asian twink doctor gives his patient a soothing cool milk enema. But it seems the Asian boy can't expel the milk on his own. Doctor needs to use the rectal dialator to get his finger in to stimulate him. Well, that doesn't work, so the only other method left is bareback gay sex. As always, not only does a hard raw ass pounding do the trick, but the horny doctor also ends up expelling a torrent of cum.

2. Vahn Valdez, Arjo, Alex
Asian twink Alex is a twink of few words. But it doesn't take many words to convey to the pair of doctors that he is horny and in need of more anal penetration treatment. Doctor Vahn has called in a specialist in this area. Doctor Arjo possesses the right tool for such anal penetration requirements; a big 10 inch cock. But first he, like his colleague, needs to get boned up by probing his anus for his own diagnosis. Doctor Arjo has thoroughly probed his gay Asian twink patient's twink hole and has determined a solid bareback fuck train is necessary to ease the anal itch. Arjo uses his gigantic Asian cock as the final penetration method by bending him over the exam table and ramming his Asian twink hole. Doctor Vahn assists by making Alex suck on his boner while Doctor Arjo fucks him. Finally the exam room threesome winds down as the two doctors administer a cum drip on their exhausted patient.

3. Argie, Adrian
Doctor Argie has just finished treating some friction burns on Adrian's ass cheeks. Asian gay twink Adrian loves getting fucked fast, hard, and long. After a lengthy bareback fuck session, he discovered painful friction burns and immediately went to see our horny doctor. Of course kinky Asian twink Doctor Argie couldn't just patch his burns up and send him home without further anal examination! Then he had to test to make sure the dressings would stay on during a bareback fuck. Asian gay boy Adrian returns to Doctor Argie for his follow up on his friction fuck burns on his ass cheeks. Being a power bottom Asian boy, Adrian was looking forward to his horny doctor's anal penetration techniques. This time he gets an enema with fresh milk up his ass. Next is an internal visual inspection with the rectal dilator, and of course, another hearty bareback fuck. Doctor Argie climaxes and shoots his cum on his Asian twink patient. But Adrian wants to blow a load too, so he reaches for the kinky doctor's cock and shoves it back in his ass and tells him to keep pounding. Moments later, Adrian shoots his jizz out to mingle with his doctor's cum.

4. Vahn, Jayrald
When kinky Doctor Vahn saw the cute Asian twink on his medical exam table, he was overwhelmed with horny gay Asian sex desires. He tells the cute Asian boy to strip down, then Vahn checks him out thoroughly, then goes right to work on anal examination. After a cleansing enema, he grabs the long dildo for some deep dildo fucking. After administering a deep dildo fuck on his cute new Asian twink patient, Doctor Vahn is feeling like he wants this cute Asian boy's hard cock up his ass for a change. So he performs some cock sucking and ass rimming therapy on the cute young Asian twink. He advises Jayrald to bareback fuck him. Jayrald fucks his gay Asian doctor in the ass, making the horny doctor blow his cum. This instantly throws Jayrald into an orgasm, and pulls his cock out of the cumming doctor's ass and joins his doctor in shooting his cum load together with him.

5. Argie, Freddy
Another day at Doctor Twink's gay Asian twink clinic brings a cute new Asian boy named Freddy. Doctor Argie pops another boner when he instructs Freddy to strip naked for his medical exam. The horny gay Asian doctor loves Freddy's perfectly even skin tone. No difference in color, and so smooth. Now add his adorable Asian boy face, and gay bareback sex on the exam table is inevitable. But of course the perverted doctor needs to explore Freddy's sweet Asian ass hole thoroughly, starting with his finger. After our gay Asian twink doctor performs his various diagnostic anal probing on his adorable Asian twink patient, he makes some final checks of his vital signs. But while doing so, Freddy notices the raging boner inside his horny doctor's pants. Freddy gets the doctor's pants off and performs some horny cock sucking on his doctor. Let the Asian gay bareback sex begin! The doctor and patient fucking goes on for a long time, and finally the exhausted Asian gay boys squirt their massive cum loads all over Freddy's smooth torso. Now that's a lot of cum!

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