Coming Out On Top Version 1 3 0 ¬Ė AMOS: THE BONUS ROUTE, plus a Content Warning

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How Do I Know If I Already Have the New Version?
The new version was released around 11pm on August 22nd, 2015, PST. If your game window says 1.3.0 at the top (or later), you have the new version.

Content Warning? What's this about a content warning?
For some of our more gentle-minded players: there’s a bizarre dream-sequence-like fetish in Amos’s route that shows up briefly and involves a side character. It’s probably not as extreme as CANNIBALISM, but it’s still dangerous.
Read the note at the bottom if you want to know what it involves.

Ok, thanks for the warning. Just who is this Amos fellow? Why is he in the game?
Amos was originally going to provide a *tryst* that was supposed to be as half as long as the other routes. Well, it’s no longer a tryst but a fleshed-out story, as long, if not a bit longer, than the others.

Any Tips On How To Find Him?
Follow Ian’s story until he's winging for you at the gay bar. Instead of going home with Ian, you now have the option to stay at the bar and make a friend. Take it from there, kiddo.

Will My Old Saves Work?
Gah,I hoped they would, but there were some problems that resulted from 1) the route being fairly long and intertwined with the rest of the game and 2) moving to the newer engine.
There’s a chance your saves will be broken, and I’m very sorry! ): Use TAB and all the skip options in the OPTIONS MENU to plow through speedily through the story if you need to.
(So, What's the Content Warning?)
The fetish I mentioned above involves a side character fantasizing about auto-erotic asphyxiation. It’s portrayed in a hyper-surreal and rather outlandish way, but I wanted to warn those with sensitivities to this kind of thing.

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