♺ Studio 2000 - Cruising It (2003) DVD

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Cast:  Ryan Alexander, Trevor Knight, Matt Van Dorn, Danny Vox, Kurt Summers, Cade Devlin, Gavin Braun, Chase McKenzie, Brent Everett, Justin Wells

Director:  Derek Kent
Producer:  Scott Masters
Country:  US
Length: 1 hr 30 min

Remember the fun and innocence in the beach the films of Frankie and Annette; the eager and joyous music of the Beach Boys? Isn't it groovy to revisit a time where the salty surf washes up youthful summer sex? In the tradition of all of those Pacific Coast Highway odysseys, Studio 2000 presents Cruising It, a fabulous fuckfest that delivers the goods with every delicious sex-drenched scene. Studio 2000's scrumptious Ryan Alexander, power-pack Trevor Knight, and movie-star magnetic Matt Van Dorn command the screen, leading a cast of sizzling twink boys through a fun, fuck-frenzied field trip

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