vladimirl0ve 4 prez

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DescriptionVladimirl0ve is perfect.  For proof I share part of the chat in this session.  One of the chatters asked my man when the last time he got fucked was and he answered "1 hour before".  Cool, cool, I thought maybe there was a little translation problem and he probably misunderstood the question but no sir.  He then clarified and said it had been four hours since he did the fucking but 1 hour for him getting fucked.  Damn.  I've never even entertained the idea of being inside of that temple but now, well.

Just over 10 minutes of pure hunk and you'd swear when that hunk spunks he's positioned the camera so that you are in the splash zone.

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Length: 00:11:10
Resolution: 640 x 468
Aspect ratio: 1.3675
Format: H264
Bitrate: 511 kbps
Frames per second: 30.000
Selected codec: ffh264

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