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Description***EDITORS NOTE*** I'm changing the name and the size of these uploads. It's now going to be 40 different uploads all at between 2-2.5GB for easier downloading. It'll also take me a couple weeks to get them all up.

Here's a bunch of guys jerking and sometimes playing with others on cams. Some cum, some don't, some have sound, some don't. Guys of every type, their only common theme is they are hot to me.

Contact sheets are labeled for each video so you can choose which ones you want to download. If your torrent client doesn't allow you to choose I suggest you try Utorrent. On this batch and further batches I'm putting all the screen grabs into a zip file as listing every single one on the torrent is a bit tedious.

Please rate, vote, thank, seedbonus if you dig.

These are big files... be a good gaytorrent person and keep seeding for a while. If you don't want to, just remember how lame it is to have to wait for hours to get a file because there's no other seeders... :-) Do unto others n stuff.


3003tic2001-071014.mp4 59.34 MB
3008ruise-071414.mp4 521.51 MB
3009e-071314.mp4 499.83 MB
3038-071314.mp4 366.88 MB
4004ndtown_nocum-071314.mp4 52.37 MB
4010ch-0081 nocum-100714-071014.mp4 236.02 MB
4019lammer-071314.mp4 129.24 MB
4020r-071314.mp4 81.18 MB
5007over1977-071314.mp4 91.83 MB
5015nguy-071314.mp4 67.51 MB
5020smith_-071314.mp4 67.72 MB
5030evie-071314.mp4 21.36 MB
adamestabien-112613.mp4 36.58 MB
adamestabien-112813.mp4 123.35 MB
addict_4_dramatics_yum-022814.mp4 95.74 MB
akooci-122913.mp4 31.39 MB
alessaandro69-121013.mp4 34.52 MB
alienvoyeur-041514.mp4 42.05 MB
andycharms-011214.mp4 195.30 MB
angelitoshot_1_sex_cap-030514.mp4 340.84 MB
angelitoshot_2_sex-030514.mp4 118.93 MB
anicebigcock9-020114.mp4 222.92 MB
atholon500-120113.mp4 35.89 MB
aussie_guy111-030314.mp4 144.87 MB 17.47 MB
Added2015-03-11 00:45:55
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Num files25 files