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DescriptionErotic Hard-on Oil Wrestling 1 and 2 [1997-VHS].m4v

Studio: BG Enterprise
Produced: 1997
Duration: 01:21:23
Video: H.264 640x480 (VHS-Rip)
Audio: aac 128 kbit/s

Starring: Paul Morgan, Josh Andrews, Adam Wylde

(PAUL MORGAN VS. JOSH ANDREWS) From the moment Paul and Josh meet on the mat, hard-on's sprout. You'll see it during the oiling scene, you'll see it during the wrestling. When Paul starts oiling Josh, well, all BG has to say is that Paul gives the oiling sequence (before the wrestling starts) a whole new erotic meaning. By the time Paul finishes with Josh, Josh is really not in any condition to wrestle. He has already been defeated sexually. He has been thoroughly eroticized by one of the most sensual body attacks in BG history. Combining oral with some of the most sensitive hard caressing and muscle worshipping, Paul soon has Josh moaning in ectasy. Paul sucks on Josh's arm-pits and cock. He oils up and then kisses Josh's ass. He sticks his hard cock directly into Josh's oil soaked trunks and humps. As the aggressor Paul is able to dominate Josh throughout the wrestling - keeping him hard, keeping him weak, keeping him under control. Through a combination of wrestling holds, cock-sucking, jacking, poking fingers in butt, body part sucking, Josh is an erotic basket case. He does manage to top Morgan on a few wrestling occasions, but only with Paul's permission. By the time Josh loses the match to Morgan he's about as ready to shoot his load as he's ever been and a hell of a load it is. Morgan's cumshot is a virtual shower of spew.

(PAUL MORGAN VS. ADAM WYLDE) Unlike Josh Andrews, Adam Wylde is no boy-toy. He doesn't roll over that easily. You can see that Adam knows something about wrestling. But before the wrestling comes the oiling, and no one in BG history knows how to erotically oil as does Paul Morgan. This one proves to be no exception. Sexy beyond belief! If you've still got your load after it's over, then you've got incredible control. The wrestling follows, and the passion with which these two grapple is astounding. They are hard throughout the match, and towards the end they actually start to competitively wrestle as Paul fights "hard" to keep from losing. The two are so evenly matched that there is no clear winner. The eroticism overcomes the competitive spirt and this leads to an all-out body rubbing, cock yanking, jacking, cum-splashin' finale; especially the Niagara Falls type cumshot by Paul Morgan which literally rings bells in the background.
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