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Corbin Fisher - Justin - Pack 2

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DescriptionLovely Twink Justin videos pack 2!

Video 01 - Connor Fucks Justin
Connor and Justin splash around in the pool for a while, till Connor says he's hungry. Clearly, he isn't craving a sandwich!

He kisses Justin and licks his stomach. Connor's new goatee makes him look like a hotter and more muscular version of Leonardo DiCaprio. Justin must feel like king of the world! Connor gets his cock out and Justin swallows it in his mouth.

While Justin is sucking his dick, Connor plays with Justin's toes. “Take it all the way,” he tells Justin. “You like sucking that, don't you? Fill up your mouth,” he says. All Justin can murmur is “Uh-huh.” Connor straddles Justin, pulling on Justin's cock and shoving his own deeper into Justin's mouth.

Justin sucks Connor's balls, making him moan in pleasure. They 69 each other, and then Connor gets what looks like the best rim job of his life! Justin eats Connor's ass deeper and longer than I can remember seeing! Connor sits back into it, pushing Justin's tongue inside him even deeper.

Both guys' dicks are rock hard. Justin keeps rimming Connor until he can't take anymore. He pushes Justin down on the bed and grabs a condom. Now that he knows what Justin's talented mouth can do, he's going to take it even farther. Connor makes Justin put the condom on his huge dick using just his mouth.

“Get it on there,” Connor says. Justin manages to get it halfway down the thick shaft before he needs help. Then Connor flips him on his stomach and slides his cock inside him. Connor lays on top of the smaller guy, wrapping his muscular arms around Justin's shoulders and neck, and thrusting inside him.

The fucking gets more intense. The mattress bounces Justin up to meet Connor's dick. You can tell it's going balls-deep. Connor pulls Justin's leg back as he fucks him. It's forcing every last millimeter of his cock all the way in!

Connor jackhammers him. Justin has to hold onto the edge of the bed. “Slap my ass,” he says. Connor tells Justin he likes “fucking you like a little girl.” Looking in the mirror, Connor watches his dick sliding in and out.

Jumping off the bed, Connor sits in a chair. Justin climbs on that pole in a reverse-cowgirl. Justin's stiff dick slaps against his stomach as he gets fucked. Connor even lifts Justin up higher and spreads his legs so we can see his cock drilling all the way in.

Literally throwing Justin onto the bed, Connor fucks him missionary style. “Here it is,” Justin says. Cum arcs over his stomach, and hits his chest and shoulder. Connor pumps away for a few more moments, then says, “Now you're gonna make me come.”

Leaning up against the headboard, He tells Justin to jerk him off. Connor shoots and says, “Lick it all up! Yeah, lick it!” Justin sucks the cum off Connor's perfect abs. “Oh my God, you're such a good fuck,” Connor says.

Now they definitely need to get some lunch!

Video 02 - Cain Fucks Justin
Surfer dude Justin has totally gotten into the guy/guy action here at CF. His pairing with Connor was so hot, I didn’t want to waste any time getting him to ride the wave of one of our other hot tops – Cain!

Cain kisses Justin. They lose the shirts and Cain flexes his huge bicep. Justin worships it, kissing and rubbing it. Cain lays him down, kissing him from head to stomach.

Pulling out Justin’s cock, Cain sucks it. You get so used to seeing Cain be totally dominant, that you forget that he can suck dick with the best of them. He enjoys it so much, doing to Justin what he loves getting done to him.

Cain swallows Justin’s cock deeply, spits on it, and slaps it against his tongue. “You’ve got some big balls,” he tells Justin. He sucks away, playing with Justin’s nuts, then stroking and sucking his shaft more.

Then it’s Cain’s turn! He pulls back Justin’s hair and starts skullfucking him. Cain’s dick is so big, it’s hard to find a guy who can swallow it all, but Justin makes a valiant effort. Then Justin concentrates on swallowing Cain’s nuts while Cain strokes his cock.

Cain tells him he can’t wait to shove his cock in his ass, and Justin says he can’t wait for it. Justin gets on all fours while Cain licks his fingers and teases Justin’s ass, getting it ready.

“Oh my God, it’s so hard to get in there!” Cain says. He keeps teasing that hole, pushing the head in and out slowly. It takes a little time, but he’ll make sure Justin will be able to take it all!

Once Cain penetrates Justin’s ass, he goes for broke. He drills into him, holding onto Justin’s shoulders so he can shove it as far in as possible. Justin cries out in ecstasy at the bigger guy’s cock going all the way in.

Cain lies on top of Justin and kisses his shoulder as he slides back into that tight hole. Cain pulls back Justin’s hair, and Justin moans even louder with pleasure. Cain’s own big balls slap against Justin’s ass as he pounds him.

Flipping Justin on his back, Cain goes in missionary style. His huge pecs bounce as he slams his cock deep into the smaller guy. Justin kneads the head of his cock and it explodes with cum all over his stomach.

Cain keeps pounding, then pulls out to shoot his thick load all over Justin’s balls, shaft and stomach. This surfer definitely hung ten today!

Video 03 - Carter Fucks Justin
Muscular Carter towers over Justin, our resident surfer guy. But Justin's not worried! He can handle almost any guy we can throw at him.

They kiss passionately. Justin removes Carter's shirt. Justin kisses and licks that awesome, hard body. Justin pays special attention to Carter's nipples and ripped abs. He rubs Carter's cock through his shorts.

It's only a few moments before Carter's stiff dick is poking out from his briefs. Justin peels back the underwear to swallow that hot cock. Carter sits up to watch, every muscle in his stomach tightening. Lucky Justin!

Justin sucks deeply on Carter's dick. Carter moans in appreciation. Justin also rubs Carter's perfect chest and abs as he sucks him off. Justin pulls his hard cock out of his shorts.

Carter gets Justin on all fours and eats Justin out. He sticks his tongue deeply into the smaller guy's crack. It makes Justin crazy – especially after Carter spits on his hole and sticks a finger into him!

The ass-munching continues as well as the finger fucking. Carter asks if Justin wants two fingers! He does, so Carter sticks two fingers in Justin's ass.

“Wanna get fucked?” Carter asks. Justin may like to ride the waves, but he likes to ride cock almost as much! He says yeah, and Carter teases Justin's ass with his dick before shoving it all the way in. Justin grips the side of the bed as he gets fucked.

“You like fucking my ass?” Justin asks. Carter says he does and pounds Justin harder. Bending Justin over the bed, Carter slams his cock into him. Justin loves it, moaning with pleasure.

Laying back on the bed, Carter fucks Justin missionary-style. Justin works the head of his cock with his fist as Carter pounds into him. “Keep going, just like that,” he tells the buff Carter. Justin rubs his chest as he gets fucked.

A thick load spurts out of Justin's cock! Cum lands on his stomach and drips down his hand and shaft. Carter asks where Justin wants his load and Justin says, “In my mouth.”

Standing over Justin, Carter shoots an incredible load! It goes down Justin's throat and splashes his chin. Justin certainly got a mouthful. The two guys go shower up.

In the shower, Pete asks Justin how Carter tasted – sweet or sour. “I can't really attribute any taste to it,” he says with a laugh. Pete asks Carter if he's always shot such big loads, and Carter says he has. The two guys soap up and get clean. I hope we can get them dirty again soon!

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