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The Best Of Hard Friction - Volume #1 (Hard Friction)

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DescriptionBest Of Hard Friction - Volume 1
Hard Friction
Director Steve Cruz, Bruno Bond
Starring Jay Roberts, Valentin Petrov, Colby Keller, Jesse Santana, alexsander Freitas, Angelo Marconi, Berke Banks, Troy Daniels, Derrek Diamond, Jason Michaels, Damien Stone
Hard Friction creators Steve Cruz & Bruno Bond have hand-selected the hottest scenes ever produced from their dynamic, exciting and energized line, and put them together on this limited edition, collection: 'Best of Hard Friction, Volume 1'. This electric DVD is filled with six scenes including the hottest guys having unbridled, uninhibited man sex. With over 2 1/2 hours of steaming hot, gay porn, 'Best of Hard Friction, Volume 1' is guaranteed to have you shooting.

Scene #1 -- Hard Friction Volume 2 - HF2 -- Alexsander Freitas & Vic Kovak
Hot Ukrainian, Vic Kovac, is lying on his stomach reading a book with his naked ass exposed against the white sheets. Inked, Brazilian muscle stud Alexsander Freitas walks into the room. Vic reaches up and runs his hand down Alex's ripped, furry abs. The two kiss and fall back on the bed caressing each other's bodies as the roll back and forth across the sheets. Alex rips off Vic's shirt as the passion builds. Vic is rock hard and can feel Alex's hard cock pressing against his shorts. He frees Alex's meat so he can taste it himself. Alex face fucks Vic knowing his ass is next. Vic is soon on his back with his legs in the air being pounded by the dominant Brazilian. Alex wants even more of Vic's ass and turns him around to pound him from behind. Alex is relentless and Vic loves it! Alex lies back and insatiable Vic climbs up and rides his hard cock until he is ready to shoot his load. Alex follows right afterward with his own big load. The two sweaty men lie back, kissing, exhausted and satisfied.

Scene #2 -- Hard Friction Volume 7 - Live Sex -- Colby Keller & Troy Daniels
Colby Keller and Troy Daniels are kissing. The attraction between these two tall studs is intense! Troy is soon on his knees sucking on Colby's big meat. Colby reaches over and finds Troy's hole to play with as he is being serviced. They kiss some more and Colby takes his turn on Troy's big cock while still playing with his hot hole. Troy looks down at Colby slurping and sucking on his throbbing dick. Colby looks back up and the connection is smoking hot! Troy is soon on his back on the bed and Colby starts working his hole, licking, spitting and using his fingers to get it ready for cock. When he is ready, he mounts Troy and pounds him with the building intensity. Troy is ecstatic with pleasure and sits up and rides Colby who slams his big cock in Troy's ass until he can take it no longer. They stop for only a short break to catch their breath until Colby wants more ass. He rims Troy again then bangs him doggie style from behind. Troy climbs back on top and rides it some more until Colby flips him over on his back and pounds his ass until Troy blows a big load shouting 'don't stop!' Colby only stops the fucking when he blows his own giant load. This scene is intense, connected, energetic fucking not to be missed!

Scene #3 -- Hard Friction Volume 2 - HF2 -- Derrek Diamond & Berke Banks
Berke Banks and Derrek Diamond are kissing on the sofa. Derrek rubs his hand down Berke's furry chest to find the bulge of his long, hard cock pressing against the fabric of his shorts. He frees the big cock and slams it down his throat. Derrek is down on his knees licking and sucking as Berke lies back and enjoys the service from this hot boy next door. Derrek then stands up on the sofa so Berke can work over his own big meat. Macho, bearded Berke sucks Derrek's cock until he is ready to pound that big bubble butt. Derrek is happy to be plowed by this hairy Daddy and gives it up doggie style as well as on his back with his ass in the air. Berke pounds a giant load right out of the young stud that he sprays all over his chest. Berke pulls out and coats Derrek with another load of his own man juice.

Scene #4 -- Hard Friction Volume 9 - Get Some -- Jesse Santana & Valentin Petrov
Connoisseurs of big cock are going to blow their wads over this hot pairing. Jesse Santana is on his knees before a very well hung Valentin Petrov. You have to love something to truly do it well, by the look on Jesse's face he's in ‘hog' heaven. And he knows how to handle every throbbing inch of Valentin's uncut Russian meat as it disappears down his throat. Valentin returns the favor with the same expert skill. Jesse's equally girthy on the dick department. Even when Jesse flips Valentin to rim him he just can't seem to get enough of that uncut prize… he's sucking the balls and cock between his legs with Valentin's ass in the air. DAMN! Just when you think the action couldn't get any hotter, the fucking drives into high gear. First with Valentin riding Jesse like a bronco, you see right up in there with every pump and thrust, even though Valentin's throbbing monster is bouncing all over the place with much weight. Jesse takes over and thrust from underneath showing he's the man in control hitting Valentin right in the spot! Sweating, grunting and pumping… Jesse flips Valentin on his back as they stay fixated, hypnotized by one another until Jesse can't take it any more and blows a white milky load all over Valentin. But Valentin's not finished yet, he climbs up on Jesse and straddles his chest with his legs blowing his load on Jesse's face. Jesse reaches up and squeezes out the load, milking his foreskin until he gets to the very last drop. The chemistry never fades even at the end they are smiling and kissing! That's a wrap… but already I'm reaching for the replay button!!

Scene #5 -- Hard Friction Volume 10 - Need It Bad -- Damien Stone & Jason Michaels
Two dark and hairy studs are lip locked in the Hard Friction studio. Damien Stone is so into his hairy muscle boy Jason Michaels he can't take his eyes and his hands off him. Jason wastes no time working his lips down Damien's chiseled body to his long, rock-hard cock. Damien responds with enthusiasm, ‘Youre a damn good cocksucker boy! Ready to get throat-fucked?!' Jason is a good boy he stays on his knees pleasing every throbbing delicious inch Damien Stone has to offer him. Going down on Jason's hole before fucking it, Damien spreads Jason's hairy young tight ass wide and plants deep wet licks there as lubricant. Jason's moans and smiles with delight as his abs and triceps flex. Once Jason is opened and ready Damien plants his long stiff rod deep into his hole. It slides right in! Damien takes command, grabs his bottom and gives it all he's got, rock hard and steady. The he flips Jason on his back so he can see him face to face, pulling his legs in the air and drilling for home. Jason's smile couldn't be wider, obviously Damien hits the spot. In a third position Jason gets on and rides! He grinds his wet hairy hole on Damien's pole until the friction drives him to blast his young cum all over the thick black hairs that cover his muscled abs. Damien return the favor in a huge white blast that Jason laps up with no hesitation.

Scene #6 -- Hard Friction Volume 11 - Satisfaction -- Jay Roberts & Angelo Marconi
Tall, dark and handsome studs Jay Roberts and Angelo Marconi are kissing and exploring each other's rock-hard bodies and cocks. Angelo is quickly on his knees cramming Jay's big European sausage down his throat. He slobbers and spits all over this big cock like a hungry dog while jerking his own meat. Getting down on all fours with his ass in the air, Angelo offers his ass to Jay so he can prime it for fucking. Jay rims and fingers Angelo's hole getting it nice and open for his cock. Jay lays back and Angelo lowers himself down on Jay's rock-hard cock. They alternate between Angelo bouncing up and down and Jay pounding from underneath. This hot fucking continues with such intensity and energy that it looks like they are moving in fast forward! The momentum accelerates as Jay stands up to fuck Angelo on his back. He thrusts harder and pounds faster until Angelo blows his creamy, white load on his muscled stomach. Jay collapses beside breathless Angelo and pumps out his own load, spraying it all over his massive pecs.

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