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Straight Marine Buddies - Straight: Carson Stone Bait: Austin Andrews

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DescriptionSo, here's the set up. Austin, an ex-Marine contacts Caruso through the site. He writes to Caruso that he considers himself straight, but has been with other guys, and what's to talk to Caruso about his buddy. So, Caruso calls Austin and he tells Caruso that although he fucks a lot of pussy, he has sucked cocks and gotten fucked. He tells Caruso he has a longtime buddy, Carson, who he met during basic training for the Marines and they cruised the bars for pussy together all the time. They even had threesomes, the two of them pounding some bar slut until she couldn't walk straight. But, they had never done anything with each other. The closest they came was a circle jerk with other Marine dudes. Caruso asks if they were comfortable doing the Circle jerk and Austin just says "it is what it is". Anyway, Austin tells Caruso that he's always been curious about what it would be like to have sex with his best buddy Carson. Well this is just up Bait Buddies alley, so Caruso told him to have his buddy sign up through the site also and that he would handle the rest. So, knowing about the circle jerk, Caruso sets up a shoot. When the boys arrive, he explains to them, for Carson's benefit, that since they've done a circle jerk together as well as threesomes, that he had a way for them to make a lot more money, and that is by having sex with each other. Well Carson was getting a little nervous but upon hearing what Austin was saying that it doesn't really mean anything, it's like two straight girls making a lesbian movie, he agreed to do it in order to make twice the regular fee for a movie. So, the video starts off with Caruso asking them if they're comfortable doing this. "Are you willing to go all the way". Austin answers for both of them "we'll see where it goes". And with that, Caruso asks them to strip each other down. And, here's where we get to see what these two handsome Marines were hiding under their clothes. Shirts come off first and we see Carson's truly perfect body, defined muscles, and with pants off, great legs and butt with a nice sized cock. Austin has a more beefy build, also great legs and big, muscular bubble butt with a fat long cock like his buddy. What surprised us the most was that they were both already hard! Once they're stripped down, Caruso asks them about cock size and they both underestimate, by a mile - they each said they had about a 6" cock. It turns out Carson had 7 inches and Austin a fat 9! They face each other and each buddy starts removing the others clothing and feeling each other up. "This is weird" says Carson, "awkward" says Austin. They're now in a mutual jack off when Austin, with no prompting, gets on his knees and just starts sucking his buddy's cock. Austin isn't the greatest cocksucker, he mostly sucks the upper part of Carson's dick, but you can tell he's really into it. Caruso then tells them to kiss and it really is pretty 'awkward', but very hot knowing they're good buddies. After their short kissing session, Caruso tells Carson it's his turn to return the favor. So, he reluctantly gets on his knees and takes Austin's cock in his mouth and also sucks the top few inches. He removes his mouth just long enough to say "it's weird" and continues sucking his Marine bud's cock. Next Caruso says "somebody has to get fucked", and Austin volunteers because he says he's had girls finger him and it felt good. "I gotta fuck you" questions Carson. Caruso points out Austin's ass and Carson smacks it, says it's a "football" ass that he's obviously seen hundreds of times over the years - he says he gave it that name because his ass is big and muscular. So, Carson slaps a rubber on his dick and lubes up. Austin says he wants to sit on it and Carson doesn't question his motives. Austin sits down slowly on Carson's big, rock hard cock while facing the camera, and as he's penetrated we can see him grimacing in pain and groaning, yet his big fat 9 inch cock stays hard as steel as it bounces up and down. It's getting too painful for Austin and he says "I gotta put more lube on - he's got a big dick", so Caruso suggests he get on his back and let Carson fuck him missionary which might not hurt as much. And, it sure was the right move since Austin is soon saying how it's starting to feel good. Soon, they both are getting to the edge with Austin stroking his cock with his buddy's cock inside him as he cums. Carson keeps fucking him until he's also ready to explode and pulls out and strokes off until he too cums! The boys catch their breath and go off to the shower. They soon return for the 'After the Shoot' interview where Caruso tells Carson that Austin has something to tell him. Of course it's that he was set up by his pussy hunting Marine partner because he has had sex with other guys and wanted to have sex with him. You must watch this video to see Carson's response, it's PRICELESS!

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