Cruising Clips v 1 Cottage/On Display

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DescriptionCruising Clips v.1 Cottage/On Display

These are clips that I downloaded from various sites. For the most part they are casual and appear to have been filmed by participants or watchers, though I suspect a few are excerpts from professional videos. I’ve divided them up by setting and will upload additional sets if this is well received. When possible I have included the name of the source in the clip title.

v.1 Cottage has been divided into four sets:

On Display—Out in the open for all to see and/or participate.
Glory Hole—Viewed from one or both sides. Many of these appear to have been videoed by participants.
Stall—Inside a stall or single restroom. Videoed from inside or outside the stall.
Understall—Participants are in different stalls and have found creative ways to connect.

There are a few videos in each set that don’t quite fit the above descriptions, usually because they have been either videoed in areas other than restrooms or I wasn’t able to determine the setting. There are so few of these that I put them into whichever set was closest in theme.

On Display consists of 130 videos, all of differing quality, that range from a few seconds to three or four minutes in length.

A good time was had by all.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-2.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-3.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-4.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-5.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-8.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-10.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-14.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-19.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-23.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-24.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-26.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-30.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-31.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-32.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-33.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-34.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-35.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-36.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-37.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-39.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-41.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-49.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-49a.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-57.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-58.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-60.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-62.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-63.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-64.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-65.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-66.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-67.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-71.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-73.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-76.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-78.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising-81.mp4
Cottaging Restrooms Toilets Cruising.mp4
Dublin - things i like — thefagmag The kindness of strangers.mp4
Gay Cruising Videos And pics — cruisinginmensroom.mp4
Gay Cruising Videos And
Gay Cruising Videos And pics-2.mp4
Gay Cruising Videos And pics-3.mp4
Gay Cruising Videos And pics-14.mp4
Gay Cruising Videos And pics-25.mp4
Gay Cruising Videos And pics-27.mp4
Gay Cruising Videos And pics-31.mp4
Gay Cruising Videos And pics-40.mp4
Gay Cruising Videos And pics-47.mp4
Gay Cruising Videos And pics-48.mp4
Gay Cruising Videos And pics-62.mp4
Gay Cruising Videos And pics-87.mp4
Gay Cruising Videos And pics-95.mp4
Gay Cruising Videos And pics-96.mp4
Gay Cruising Videos And pics-108.mp4
Gay Cruising Videos And pics-112.mp4
Gay Cruising Videos And pics-114.mp4
Gay Cruising Videos And pics-123.mp4
Gay Cruising Videos And pics-129.mp4
Gay Cruising Videos And pics-133.mp4
Gay Cruising Videos And pics-135.mp4
Gay Cruising Videos And pics-147.mp4
Gay Cruising Videos And pics-151.mp4
Gay Cruising Videos And pics-152.mp4
Gay Cruising Videos And pics-158.mp4
Gay Cruising Videos And
Gay Gloryholes & Cottaging — This is what I’m talking about.mp4
Guys In Public — heysexyguy More fun in public. Follow....mp4
Guys In Public — heysexyguy This two big guys love to play..mp4
Guys In Public — hobartgloryhunter SPRUNG.mp4
Guys In Public — latinosworld1
Hobart Glory Hole Hunter — Always fun when the beat is this .mp4
Hobart Glory Hole Hunter — Always hot CATCHING guys go for i.mp4
Hobart Glory Hole Hunter — AMAZING. I love it when you find .mp4
Hobart Glory Hole Hunter — AWESOME cock.mp4
Hobart Glory Hole Hunter — bowerxxx hobartgloryhunter Patien.mp4
Hobart Glory Hole Hunter — DAMN These boys are not MUCKING a.mp4
Hobart Glory Hole Hunter — DUDE don’t spit..mp4
Hobart Glory Hole Hunter — Elevator.mp4
Hobart Glory Hole Hunter — HOT-5.mp4
Hobart Glory Hole Hunter — I love PUBLIC toilets like this..mp4
Hobart Glory Hole Hunter — It doesn’t matter where or when t.mp4
Hobart Glory Hole Hunter — itsbrucejackson ( RE-Upload - Ple.mp4
Hobart Glory Hole Hunter — itsbrucejackson Giving a facial t.mp4
Hobart Glory Hole Hunter — londonbbuser An encounter I filme.mp4
Hobart Glory Hole Hunter — Mmmm I should do a few more LAPS..mp4
Hobart Glory Hole Hunter — NICE-1.mp4
Hobart Glory Hole Hunter — Nothing quite like that ANONYMOUS.mp4
Hobart Glory Hole Hunter — SLUTS.mp4
Hobart Glory Hole Hunter — So PUBLIC But then again, a good .mp4
Hobart Glory Hole Hunter — STUNNING.mp4
Hobart Glory Hole Hunter — Such a PRETTY cocksucker. I love .mp4
Hobart Glory Hole Hunter — The guy in BLUE couldn’t be any m.mp4
Hobart Glory Hole Hunter — thefagmag Campus Cottage WOOF.mp4
Hobart Glory Hole Hunter — thefagmag Underground London DAMN.mp4
Hobart Glory Hole Hunter — thefagmag Underground London That.mp4
Hobart Glory Hole Hunter — These SLUTS are smoking..mp4
Hobart Glory Hole Hunter — This PUBLIC toilet features in qu.mp4
Hobart Glory Hole Hunter — WOW Everyone loves a FULLHOUSE.mp4
Hobart Glory Hole Hunter — WOW My kind of place..mp4
If they want to be watched, who I am to say no (publicfunlov.mp4
If they want to be watched, who I am to say no (Security foo.mp4
Men, men, and more men. 18 and over ONLY!!! — big-dic12 he t.mp4
Men, men, and more men. 18 and over ONLY!!! — ripenhairy gin.mp4
Men, men, and more men. 18 and over ONLY!!!-7.mp4
Men, men, and more men. 18 and over ONLY!!!-21.mp4
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